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Apr 13 - Apr 15, 2023

Shoulder360™ The Comprehensive Shoulder Course 2023

South Beach, Florida


1601 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139


Shoulder360™ provides a comprehensive shoulder course focusing on shoulder repair and reconstructive surgery. Shoulder360™ will redefine the way we think about surgical education of the shoulder. We will always use new methods to engage the attendees, encourage participation, and utilize new educational technologies for a more interactive experience.

Shoulder360™ aims to educate the spectrum of health care providers caring for patients with shoulder disorders. Target audience will be practicing surgeons and surgeons in training, nurses, physician assistants, and physical therapists with a practice focus on shoulder disease. Shoulder360™ wants participants to learn about the newest and best ways to treat their patients while enjoying a setting designed to foster lifelong friendships and collaboration.

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Course chairs

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Sports Specialty

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Hospital

Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Shoulder & Elbow Specialty

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Academic

Rothman Orthopaedic Institute at Jefferson

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Sports Specialty

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Private

Orthopaedic Neurosurgery Specialists

Faculty and Moderators

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1601 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139

07.00AM - 07.30AM
Breakfast & Registration
07.30AM - 09.00AM
Shoulder Arthroplasty Session 1: Tech and Glenoid
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1 2
07.40AM - 07.48AM
Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning - What Does This Do For Me?
07.56AM - 08.04AM
Glenoid Inlay is Simply a Technique
08.04AM - 08.12AM
Glenoid Innovation: Inset, Convertible Metal Backed
08.12AM - 08.20AM
08.20AM - 08.28AM
B2 Glenoid.... Augmented TSA is Generally Better
08.28AM - 08.36AM
Uh oh? She Was Doing Well and Now the Dreaded Acromial Stress Fracture
09.00AM - 09.45AM
Morning Industry Session - Maximizing Your Approach to a TSA Glenoid Deformity: Sponsored by ENOVIS
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09.45AM - 09.53AM
Key Pre-op Features that Guide Surgery for Anterior Shoulder Instability- I Know What the Textbooks Say - I Wrote Them!
10.33AM - 10.41AM
Dynamic Anterior Stabilization- The Biceps Buttress
10.41AM - 10.49AM
First Time dislocation with glenoid fracture: do I still do arthroscopic bony bankart repair ?
11.09AM - 11.29AM
11.09AM - 11.14AM
11.14AM - 11.19AM
Custom 3D Pre-Printed Arthroplasty for the Masses
11.19AM - 11.24AM
Stemless Reverse - They're Here to Stay
11.24AM - 11.29AM
Glenoid Allogafts Vanish - Sorry Drs. Wong and Miniaci!
11.30AM - 12.30PM
Industry Session & Lunch - Sponsored by Zimmer Biomet
12.30PM - 01.00PM
Exhibit Visitation
01.00PM - 01.08PM
The Role of Social Media in our Practices - Are you a Dinosaur or are They Just Hipsters?
01.24PM - 01.32PM
02.04PM - 02.12PM
Audience Wants to Know - How do I Become a Speaker and Get on the Podium
02.30PM - 02.45PM
Exhibit Visitation
02.45PM - 03.30PM
Industry Innovation Sessions
03.30PM - 05.00PM
03.30PM - 03.38PM
Reproducible Steps in Repairing Acute Cuff Tears
03.38PM - 03.46PM
I Do Single Row and Have Great Results - Hear me Out
03.46PM - 03.54PM
The Role of Patch Augmentation in a Primary Repair - Show me the Data
03.54PM - 04.02PM
What About Bursa or Adipose? What is the Holy Grail of Biologics?
04.02PM - 04.10PM
When and Why Rotator Cuff Repairs Fail - Why Are Some Re-Tears Symptomatic and Others Aren't?
04.10PM - 04.18PM
How to Manage the Cuff Pateint with Unrealistic Expectations
04.18PM - 04.26PM
04.26PM - 04.34PM
FIGJAM. 5 things I can do with a scope that you can't!
05.00PM - 05.20PM
Special Performance By @thisiskomron
05.20PM - 06.15PM
Networking Reception With Exhibitors
05.30PM - 06.15PM
Evening of Education: Sponsored by ZIMMER BIOMET
06.15PM - 07.30PM
Shoulder360 Welcome Reception: Cuban Infusion
07.00AM - 07.08AM
Arthroscopic Anterior Glenoid Reconstruction
07.08AM - 07.16AM
Glenojet- I am a Smarter Canadian than Ivan!
07.16AM - 07.24AM
Silly Americans - Arthroscopic Latarjet is the Way
07.24AM - 07.32AM
Fresh Distal Tibial Allograft- It's not Just Bone Loss- There's Cartilage Loss as Well- Replace Both
07.32AM - 07.40AM
The Role of Bipolar Bone Lesions in the Course of a Lifetime
08.00AM - 08.45AM
Industry Morning Session & Breakfast - Sponsored By Zimmer Biomet & Arthrex
08.45AM - 09.00AM
Exhibit Visitation
09.00AM - 10.15AM
09.00AM - 09.08AM
Painful Noninfected Reverse
09.08AM - 09.16AM
09.16AM - 09.24AM
Managing Infection Diagnosis to Re-Implantation
09.32AM - 09.40AM
Identifying the Best Spot for Lateralization
09.40AM - 09.48AM
09.48AM - 09.56AM
Pre-Existing Acromial Fracture Before an RSA- Should You Still do the RSA?
10.15AM - 11.00AM
Industry Innovation Session Sponsored by ConMed
11.00AM - 12.30PM
Educational Session: Transatlantic Shoulder Symposium
11.45AM - 12.30PM
Hot Topics & Debate: American versus European Perspectives
11.45AM - 11.50AM
Hot Topics & Debate: Stemless Reverse - Pro
11.50AM - 11.55AM
11.55AM - 12.00PM
Hot Topics & Debate: Outpatient Arthroplasty- It's a money maker!
12.00PM - 12.05PM
Hot Topics & Debate: Inpatient Arthroplasty - It's a money maker!
12.05PM - 12.10PM
Hot Topics & Debate: Anterior Instability with Bone Loss - Free Bone Block
12.10PM - 12.15PM
Hot Topics & Debate: Anterior Instability with Bone Loss - Latarjet
12.30PM - 01.30PM
Industry Session & Lunch - Sponsored by Pacira
01.00PM - 02.00PM
Exhibit Visitation
02.00PM - 03.00PM
Surgical Competition - Show Me Your Best Stuff
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02.00PM - 02.07PM
How I Place my Baseplate When I Don't Have a 3D Plan or The Guide Won't Fit
02.07PM - 02.14PM
SALSA Technique. Subacromial Arthroscopic Locking Stitch Anchor Technique Biceps Tenodesis
02.14PM - 02.21PM
Arthroscopic Repair of the Floating Posterior IGHL (Posterior Labrum and Posterior HAGL)
02.21PM - 02.28PM
Arthroscopic Subscapularis Repair Using Intraarticular and Subacromial Views
02.28PM - 02.35PM
Reconstruction of Chronic Long Head Biceps Tendon
02.35PM - 02.42PM
Kinda Like a Femur, Only Smaller: Complex Clavicle Fractures
02.42PM - 02.49PM
Anchorless Compression Fixation of Lesser Tuberosity Osteotomy
02.49PM - 02.56PM
Lat/Teres Transfer for Subscapularis Deficiency (After Failed Latarjet)
03.00PM - 04.00PM
Industry Innovation Session Sponsored by Innocoll BioTherapeutic
04.30PM - 06.00PM
Happy Hour - JOEI
Bilateral Proximal Humerus Fracture Dislocations in 30M
07.00AM - 08.00AM
Exhibit Visitation & Breakfast
08.00AM - 08.08AM
Rotator Cuff Sparing Replacement
08.08AM - 08.16AM
Avoiding Subscapularis Failure in TSA
08.16AM - 08.24AM
Stemless RSA... Where Are We Nowadays?
08.24AM - 08.32AM
Baseplatology: Bone Graft or Augmented Glenoid. Data Please!
08.32AM - 09.00AM
Baseplatology: Use the Alternate Center Line. Augments Are for Dummies
09.00AM - 09.45AM
Industry Morning Session - Sponsored by Stryker
09.45AM - 11.15AM
Rotator Cuff 2 - The Irreparable Cuff
MOD: , ,
09.53AM - 10.01AM
Linsanity- My Pre-Operative Decision Tree for One of My Own Failed Cuff Repairs
10.01AM - 10.09AM
How I Manage Revision Rotator Cuff Repairs Intra-Operatively
10.09AM - 10.17AM
The Balloon One Year Later- Value, Outcomes, Indications.
10.17AM - 10.25AM
Bridging The Gap - Why It Works for Me But Not You!
10.25AM - 10.33AM
Anterior Cable Reconstruction (ACR) Is the New SCR - Get Ready
10.33AM - 10.41AM
Biologic Tuberoplasty- a Permanent Balloon?
10.41AM - 10.49AM
11.15AM - 11.45AM
Exhibit Visitation
11.45AM - 12.45PM
Lunch with Lafosse
12.45PM - 12.53PM
SLAP Repair - Should We Even Talk About This? Tenodesis in Overhead Athletes
12.53PM - 01.01PM
Posterior Dislocations in Instability - Pitfalls and Tricks
01.01PM - 01.09PM
What I Know After a Career of Instability: North American Perspective
01.09PM - 01.17PM
What I Know After a Career of Instability: European Persepective
01.17PM - 01.25PM
Update on the AC Joint- What We Know and What We Don't Know
01.45PM - 02.30PM
Industry Innovation Session
02.30PM - 03.00PM
Family Feud
02.30PM - 03.00PM
Acromioclavicular Separation in 75M