Apr 28 - Apr 30, 2022

Shoulder360™ The Comprehensive Shoulder Course

South Beach, Florida


1601 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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Shoulder360™ provides a comprehensive shoulder course focusing on shoulder repair and reconstructive surgery. Shoulder360™ will redefine the way we think about surgical education of the shoulder. We will always use new methods to engage the attendees, encourage participation, and utilize new educational technologies for a more interactive experience.

Shoulder360™ aims to educate the spectrum of health care providers caring for patients with shoulder disorders. Target audience will be practicing surgeons and surgeons in training, nurses, physician assistants, and physical therapists with a practice focus on shoulder disease. Shoulder360™ wants participants to learn about the newest and best ways to treat their patients while enjoying a setting designed to foster lifelong friendships and collaboration.

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Course chairs

Baldwin Park, CA

Philadelphia, PA

Harrison, NY


1601 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Acromial Stress Fracture Following Reverse TSA in 69F
Proximal Humerus Fx in Young
Acromial Stress Fracture Following Reverse TSA in 73F
Glenoid Cartilage Defect in 44M
10.00AM - 01.00PM
Registration & Check-In
01.00PM - 02.00PM
Sports/scope session "How I do it" Technique driven
01.00PM - 01.10PM
Pectoralis major repair
01.10PM - 01.20PM
Latissimus repair
01.20PM - 01.30PM
Chronic Long Head Biceps Tendon rupture
01.30PM - 01.40PM
Chronic subscapularis repair Anterior Capsule Reconstruction vs Latissimus transfer vs pectoralis transfer
01.40PM - 01.50PM
Type II re-tear
01.50PM - 03.00PM
Shoulder "Let's Play the Feud!"
01.50PM - 02.30PM
Shoulder Family Feud
02.30PM - 03.00PM
Team Neer versus Team Codman
03.00PM - 03.30PM
Break & Exhibit Visitation
03.30PM - 05.30PM
Massive Cuff Tear
03.30PM - 03.55PM
Superior Capsule Reconstruction: Where Are We in 2021?
03.55PM - 04.15PM
Biceps SCR: Cheaper, Faster and Just as Good
04.15PM - 04.35PM
Balloon Arthroplasty: It's Going to Change Your Practice!
04.35PM - 04.55PM
Biologic Tuberoplasty and Bursal Acromial Reconstruction
04.55PM - 05.15PM
Lower Trapezius Transfer
05.15PM - 05.30PM
Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty
05.30PM - 07.00PM
Welcome Reception
07.00PM - 08.30PM
Industry Symposium
12 Surgical Pearls/Techniques by Faculty– audience votes on which is best
07.30AM - 08.00AM
Breakfast & Exhibit Visitation
08.00AM - 10.00AM
The Glenoid in Primary Arthroplasty
08.00AM - 08.20AM
The glenoid morphology, recognize it, define it, and treat it.
08.20AM - 08.40AM
Da Glenoid: Metal Backed is Back? or All Poly as usual
08.40AM - 09.00AM
Screw in, central post, Central bone graft or augmented glenoid. Data please !
09.00AM - 09.20AM
Inlay versus Onlay
09.20AM - 09.40AM
The B2 Glenoid: How I manage in patients under and over 55 years of age?
09.40AM - 10.00AM
Q and A and Cases Panel
10.00AM - 10.30AM
Break & Exhibit Visitation
10.30AM - 12.00PM
Hot topics in arthroplasty
10.30AM - 10.45AM
Virtual/augmented Reality in the OR
10.45AM - 11.00AM
How to utilize emerging technology in your practice
11.00AM - 11.15AM
When do I still use a stemmed implant?
11.15AM - 11.30AM
In The Horizon - Pyrocarbon, Ceramic, PolyGlenosphere+metal humeral tray
11.30AM - 11.40AM
Outpatient TSA
11.40AM - 11.50AM
Machine learning predictors of responsiveness to surgery
11.50AM - 12.00PM
How to manage costs in outpatient setting
12.00PM - 01.00PM
Lunch, Industry Symposium Exhibit Visitation
01.00PM - 02.30PM
01.00PM - 01.15PM
Latarjet for the First-time Dislocator: One and Done!
01.15PM - 01.30PM
5 tricks for arthroscopic anterior instability repair
01.30PM - 01.45PM
Managing Failed Instability: What I have learned?
01.45PM - 02.00PM
How I work in the back of the shoulder - posterior labrum, remplissage, bony Bankart, PHAGL
02.00PM - 02.15PM
Arthroscopic Latarjet: Why I don't do this?
02.15PM - 02.30PM
Mid-season shoulder dislocation in NFL player- what I do?
02.30PM - 03.15PM
Industry Product Theater
03.15PM - 03.45PM
Break & Exhibit Visitiation
03.45PM - 05.45PM
Anatomic versus Reverse
03.45PM - 04.15PM
Please explain lateralization in terms we can understand
04.15PM - 04.45PM
Deltoid Wrap.... Blah blah blah
04.45PM - 05.15PM
3D printed implants
05.15PM - 05.45PM
Is the Anatomic Arthroplasty a Dying art?
07.30AM - 08.00AM
Breakfast & Exhibit Visitation
08.00AM - 09.30AM
Trauma Pot Pourri - what I did wrong and what I do now?
08.00AM - 08.10AM
Clavicle Fracture. What went wrong here?
08.10AM - 08.20AM
Lateral Clavicle (open v scope) Hook Plate, Soft Tissues/Sutures, Lateral plate
08.20AM - 08.30AM
Proximal humerus fracture from HELL
08.30AM - 08.40AM
Do we need to operate on scapulas? If so When?
08.40AM - 08.50AM
Glenoid Fractures. Wouldn’t do that again?
08.50AM - 09.00AM
Proximal humerus fractures: When to hold them and when to fold them?
09.00AM - 09.15AM
Sling, ORIF, Arthroplasty....Acute and delayed treatment options All Showing success and failure
09.30AM - 10.15AM
Industry Product Theater
10.15AM - 10.45AM
Break & Exhibit Visitation
10.30AM - 12.30PM
DEBATES - Audience votes on a winner
12.00AM - 12.15AM
Distal Tibial Allograft versus Latarjet
12.00AM - 12.15AM
HAGL - open vs. arthroscopic
12.15AM - 12.00PM
posterior inferior anchor - routine vs. rare
10.30AM - 10.45AM
Arthroscopic Bankart Repair vs Primary Latarjet with 10% bone loss
10.45AM - 11.00AM
Bone loss- Remplissage+Bankart repair VS Latarjet
11.00AM - 11.45AM
Contact athlete: Arthroscopic vs open Stabilization
11.45AM - 12.00AM
Bony Bankart - Repair vs Excise + Latarjet
12.15PM - 01.15PM
Lunch, Industry Symposium & Exhibit Visitation
01.15PM - 03.15PM
The Reparable Rotator Cuff Tear
01.15PM - 01.30PM
How I do my double row repair: technical nuances
01.30PM - 01.45PM
Alternate patterns for repair - rip stop, single row, triple loaded anchors,
01.45PM - 02.00PM
Subscapularis Repair. Intra-articular and subacromial repair techniques
02.00PM - 02.15PM
How and When I apply a graft: Bovine, Dermal
02.15PM - 02.30PM
“Joe Knows”
02.30PM - 02.45PM
Rapid Fire. “Tricks Forgotten, Abandoned and to Come”
02.45PM - 03.00PM
How big is too big for arthroscopic subscapularis repair? when I do an open repair
03.15PM - 03.45PM
Break & Exhibit Visitation
03.45PM - 04.45PM
Arthroplasty Odds and Ends!!
03.45PM - 03.55PM
Etiology, treatment, technological advancements on the horizon
03.55PM - 04.05PM
Sports and Activity Limits after TSA and RSA
04.05PM - 04.15PM
ER lag - tendon transfer vs implants
04.15PM - 04.25PM
I use what I designed vs patient specific?
04.25PM - 04.35PM
Business of Shoulder surgery
04.35PM - 04.45PM
Top 5 complications of RTSA and how to avoid them?
04.45PM - 05.45PM
Fireside Chat
04.45PM - 05.15PM
ASES Royalty – past presidents
05.15PM - 05.45PM
Orthopaedic Department Chairperson table- Managing Business of shoulder surgery