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Feb 23 - Feb 25, 2023

29th Annual Tampa Shoulder Course: Arthroplasty & Sports

Tampa, FL



510 Water St, Tampa, FL 33602


The Tampa Shoulder Course: Arthroplasty & Sports will provide advanced training on the diagnosis and treatment of common and complex shoulder and elbow conditions. Through a mix of didactic presentations, debates, and case-based panel discussions, the expert faculty will share their insights on surgical and non-surgical management options for patients with glenohumeral osteoarthritis, instability with and without bone loss, proximal humerus fractures, massive rotator cuff tears, recurrent dislocations, and more.

New for 2023: Technical Tips Thursday, where you can get game-changing surgical pearls from our renowned faculty with 18 Technical Tips sessions in the morning, then participate in a hands-on bioskills lab highlighting arthroplasty techniques in the afternoon (separate fee for the lab).

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Course chairs

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Sports Specialty

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Private

Florida Orthopaedic Institute - South Tampa

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Sports Specialty

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Private

Florida Orthopaedic Institute - North Tampa - Temple Terrace

Faculty and Moderators

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510 Water St, Tampa, FL 33602

07.00AM - 08.00AM
Registration and Continental Breakfast for Registrants
Bullets* App Overview Tutorial
07.50AM - 09.44AM
Technical Tips Sessions
07.50AM - 08.00AM
Welcome and Morning Announcements
08.08AM - 08.16AM
How I Do an IM Nail for Humeral Shaft Fracture
08.16AM - 08.24AM
Steps to Remove a Well-Fixed Humeral Stem
08.24AM - 08.32AM
Question and Answer Session
08.32AM - 08.40AM
How I Do an IM Nail for Proximal Humeral Fractures: When and How
08.40AM - 08.48AM
Dual Plating of Proximal Humeral Fractures: When and How
08.48AM - 08.56AM
How to Hit the Alternate Spine Line in Glenoid Bone Loss Cases
08.56AM - 09.04AM
Question and Answer Session
09.04AM - 09.12AM
Bankart and Remplissage: My 2023 Technique Pearls
09.12AM - 09.20AM
My Current Favorite Cuff Repair Technique
09.20AM - 09.28AM
Tips for How I Do My Open Latarjet
09.28AM - 09.36AM
Tips for How I Do an Arthroscopic Latarjet
09.36AM - 09.44AM
Question and Answer Session
09.44AM - 09.59AM
Coffee Break
09.59AM - 11.35AM
Technical Tips Sessions
09.59AM - 10.07AM
Technical Tips to Use a Proximal Humeral Bone Graft for Humeral Bone Loss
10.07AM - 10.15AM
Technical Tips for Lower Trap Transfer
10.15AM - 10.23AM
Technical Tips for Distal Biceps Repair
10.23AM - 10.31AM
Question and Answer Session
10.31AM - 10.39AM
My Best Tips for Difficulty Glenoid Exposure
10.39AM - 10.47AM
Technical Tips for Treating a Terrible Triad Elbow Injury
10.47AM - 10.55AM
Tricks for Revision Exposure for Shoulder Arthroplasty
10.55AM - 11.03AM
Question and Answer Session
11.03AM - 11.11AM
My Tips for Bone Grafting a Glenoid Defect
11.11AM - 11.19AM
How I Do Glenohumeral Cerclage for Recurrent Instability
11.19AM - 11.27AM
My Tips for Repairing a Periprosthetic Humeral Fracture
11.27AM - 11.35AM
Question and Answer Session
11.45AM - 01.00PM
Transition to FIVE Labs for Lunch
01.00PM - 05.00PM
Bioskills Lab - demos and hands-on training
4115 W Spruce St, Tampa, FL 33607
07.30AM - 08.00AM
Continental Breakfast for Registrants
08.00AM - 08.15AM
TIGHT-NTM ANCHOR, the next generation of tendon fixation: biceps tenodesis and other applications
08.15AM - 08.30AM
Blueprint Digital Technologies featuring ShoulderID Primary Reversed Glenoid
08.30AM - 08.45AM
NextAR Surgical Platform: A Case Study Review
08.45AM - 09.00AM
Realizing Speed & Efficiency in OR: The INHANCE Shoulder System
09.00AM - 09.30AM
Coffee Break
09.30AM - 11.20AM
Shoulder Arthroplasty Session
09.35AM - 09.43AM
CT vs. MRI: What Is the Optimal Preoperative Arthroplasty Imaging Study?
09.43AM - 09.51AM
Metal Allergies: How to Work-Up, and Is This Real or Not?
09.51AM - 09.59AM
Anatomic TSA Glenoids: Onlay vs. Inlay
09.59AM - 10.07AM
ATSA Humeral Components: Stemless, Short Stem, and Standard Stems - Where Are We?
10.07AM - 10.15AM
Question and Answer Session
10.40AM - 10.48AM
Outpatient Total Shoulder Arthroplasty: Risk Stratification and Patient Selection
10.48AM - 10.56AM
Glenohumeral Arthritis: What Factors Make Me Default to RSA
10.56AM - 11.04AM
Mixed Reality in Shoulder Arthroplasty: How I'm Currently Using it and What's Next
11.04AM - 11.12AM
How I Try to Prevent Infection in Shoulder Arthroplasty: Current Data and What I Do
11.12AM - 11.20AM
Question and Answer Session
11.20AM - 11.50AM
Coffee Break
12.00PM - 12.30PM
12.50PM - 01.05PM
Grab Lunch and Enter General Session
02.57PM - 03.12PM
03.12PM - 05.16PM
Shoulder Trauma Session
03.28PM - 03.36PM
Revision of Failed Non-operative or ORIF Proximal Humerus to Arthroplasty: Tips for Success
03.56PM - 04.04PM
Operative vs. Non-operative Humeral Shaft Fractures: How to Decide and What to Tell Patients
04.04PM - 04.12PM
Fixation of Humeral Shaft Fractures: Tips for Plating and Nailing
04.32PM - 04.40PM
04.48PM - 04.56PM
Management of Complications (Stiffness, HO, Instability) Following Elbow Trauma
05.16PM - 06.16PM
Welcome Reception
07.30AM - 08.00AM
Continental Breakfast for Registrants
08.00AM - 10.04AM
Shoulder Sports Session
08.08AM - 08.16AM
First-Time Disloactors: Who Should Get Surgery?
08.24AM - 08.32AM
Subcritical Bone Loss: Matching the Best Surgical Procedure to Your Patient
08.32AM - 08.40AM
Restoring Bone Loss: Options and What I'm Doing Now
08.40AM - 08.48AM
08.48AM - 08.56AM
Question and Answer Session
09.16AM - 09.24AM
Current Management of UCL Tears: From Partial to Complete
09.32AM - 09.40AM
Biceps Tenodesis: So Many Ways - What Does the Latest Evidence Say?
09.40AM - 09.48AM
My Latest Acromioclavicular Reconstruction Technique: Evolution and Rationale
09.48AM - 09.56AM
The Young and Active Degenerative Shoulder - Not Happy: The Current Role of Arthroscopic Surgery
09.56AM - 10.04AM
Question and Answer Session
10.04AM - 10.34AM
Coffee Break
10.34AM - 11.34AM
Shoulder Sports Session
10.34AM - 10.42AM
Surgery vs. Rehab? 2023 In-Office Decision-Making for Rotator Cuff Tears: What I'm Recommending
10.42AM - 10.50AM
Contemporary RC Repair Techniques: Knots, Anchors, Rows - Does It Make a Difference?
10.50AM - 10.58AM
My 5 Arthroscopic Cuff Repair Tips to Make Your Life Simple
10.58AM - 11.06AM
Bioinductive Scaffolds Are Proliferating: Are They Efficacious and Cost Effective?
11.06AM - 11.14AM
Question and Answer Session
11.34AM - 12.34PM
12.34PM - 02.06PM
Sports Session
12.34PM - 12.42PM
Evaluating the Massive Cuff: What Factors Drive My Decision Making?
12.42PM - 12.50PM
SCR in the US: What's Happening Now?
12.50PM - 12.58PM
Balloon Update: Is It as Good as They Say?
12.58PM - 01.06PM
Tendon Transfers: Who, When, and How Often are They Really Done?
01.06PM - 01.14PM
Partial Repair/ Debridement: Cost-Effective and Good Enough for Most
01.14PM - 01.22PM
Question and Answer Session
01.42PM - 01.50PM
Degenerative Shoulder With RC/Biceps Pathology: Scope vs. Arthroplasty in the "Tweener" - My Decision Making
01.50PM - 01.58PM
My Postop RC Repair Rehab Rx: What I'm Doing Now (Stiff, Standard, and Massive)
01.58PM - 02.06PM
Question and Answer Session
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