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Feb 24 - Feb 26, 2023

Evolving Concepts in Orthopaedic Trauma 2023

Park City, UT


3000 Canyons Resort Dr, Park City, UT 84098


Evolving Concepts in Orthopaedic Trauma offers advanced instruction on the management of soft tissue trauma, fractures, and musculoskeletal injuries, from initial evaluation and treatment through rehabilitation. Topics the faculty will address include such issues as current controversies in upper and lower extremity fracture surgery, orthopaedic emergencies and impending crises, avoiding common pitfalls in fracture surgery, and pearls for managing complex fractures.

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Course chairs

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Trauma Specialty

Orthopaedic Fellow

University of Cincinnati

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Trauma Specialty

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Academic

UC Health Physicians Office (Clifton - Piedmont)


3000 Canyons Resort Dr, Park City, UT 84098

06.00AM - 07.00AM
Registration and Breakfast
07.00AM - 07.05AM
Welcome and Announcements
07.05AM - 08.30AM
Session I: Fractures Distal to the Knee
MOD: ,
07.05AM - 07.20AM
07.20AM - 07.35AM
Calcaneus Fractures: Extensile Lateral vs Sinus Tarsi
07.35AM - 07.50AM
Posterior Malleolus: The Key to Ankle Fracture Stability
07.50AM - 08.05AM
Pilon Fractures: Planning to Ensure Success
08.30AM - 08.40AM
Coffee Break for Registrants and Visit with Exhibitors
08.40AM - 10.00AM
Current Controversies in Lower Extremity Fracture Surgery
MOD: ,
08.40AM - 09.00AM
09.00AM - 09.20AM
Distal Femur: Extreme Nails, Combos and Other Modern Fixation Strategies
09.20AM - 09.40AM
Fracture-Related Infection: Current Treatment Algorithms and What's on the Horizon
09.40AM - 10.00AM
10.00AM - 10.15AM
Coffee Break with Exhibitors
10.15AM - 11.15AM
Session II: Orthopaedic Emergencies and Impending Crises
10.15AM - 10.30AM
What Gets Me Out of Bed: "True" Orthopaedic Emergencies
10.30AM - 10.45AM
Managing the Obese Fracture Patient
10.45AM - 11.00AM
Diabetic and Geriatric Ankle Fractures: Optimizing Fixation and Avoiding Complications
11.00AM - 11.15AM
Case-Based Panel Discussion
11.45AM - 12.15PM
Lunch & Learn - Presented by Legally Mine
04.30PM - 05.00PM
Après Ski & Exhibits
05.00PM - 06.30PM
Session III: Fractures of the Pelvis, Femur, and Knee
05.00PM - 05.15PM
Young Adult Femoral Neck Fractures: The Choice(s) Seem to Be More Clear
05.15PM - 05.30PM
Atypical Femur Fractures and Bisphosphonates: How to Diagnose and How to Manage
05.30PM - 05.45PM
Periprosthetic Femur Fractures: Is the Stem Loose or Stable?
05.45PM - 06.00PM
Tibial Plateau Fractures: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
06.15PM - 06.15PM
Acute Management of Pelvic Ring Injury and Fractures of the Acetabulum
06.15PM - 06.30PM
06.30PM - 06.45PM
Break and Dinner
06.45PM - 08.30PM
Panel Discussion - Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Fracture Surgery
06.45PM - 07.00PM
Distal Femoral Fractures: Nails, Plates, and DFR
07.00PM - 07.15PM
Tibial Plateau Fracture-Dislocation
07.15PM - 07.30PM
Proximal Femur Fractures: Nailing Pearls to Keep Them Straight
07.30PM - 07.45PM
Break with Dessert Bar
07.45PM - 08.30PM
Coding Fractures Properly: Maximizing Reimbursement in Your Practice
Adjourn for the day
07.00AM - 07.30AM
Breakfast & Learn: Presented by Legally Mine
08.00AM - 09.30AM
Session VI: Upper Extremity Fractures
08.00AM - 08.15AM
Is This Simple or Complex? Sorting Out Periarticular Elbow Fractures and Dislocations
08.15AM - 08.30AM
Distal Radius Fractures: When and How to Use Bridge Plates and Fragment Specific Fixation
08.30AM - 08.45AM
Humeral Shaft Fractures: Can I Still Brace These, and When Should I Fix Them?
08.45AM - 09.00AM
One Plate or Two? Clavicle fixation Strategies to Minimize Hardware Irritation
09.00AM - 09.30AM
Case-Based Discussion
09.00AM - 09.15AM
Coffee Break for Registrants and Visit with Exhibitors
09.45AM - 11.00AM
Current Controversies in Upper Extremity Fracture Surgery
09.45AM - 10.00AM
Humeral Shaft: Choosing the Right Approach
10.00AM - 10.15AM
The Smashed Elbow: Optimizing Fixation of Distal Humerus Fractures and When to Replace
10.15AM - 10.30AM
The Volar Lunate Fragment: "Keying" in for Success
10.30AM - 11.00AM
11.00AM - 04.30PM
Adjourn for the morning
Adjourn for the morning
04.30PM - 05.00PM
Après Ski & Exhibits
05.00PM - 06.15PM
Ask the Experts: Bring Your Toughest Cases!
MOD: , , , ,
06.15PM - 06.45PM
Refreshment Break with Heavy Hors d'Oeuvres
06.45PM - 08.00PM
We're All Human: Disaster Cases and What I Learned
MOD: ,
06.45PM - 07.05PM
07.05PM - 07.25PM
07.25PM - 07.45PM
Case Discussion
Adjourn for the day
06.30AM - 07.00AM
Breakfast for Registrants
07.00AM - 10.15AM
Session V: Special Considerations in Orthopaedic Trauma
07.00AM - 07.15AM
Bone Grafts: RIA vs ICBG vs BMAC: Is There a Difference?
07.15AM - 07.30AM
Osteoporotic Fractures of the Pelvis and Acetabulum: Ignore, Fix, or Replace?
07.30AM - 07.45AM
Dead Space Management: Spacers, Beads, VACs, and Other Tricks to Avoid Complications
07.45AM - 08.00AM
08.30AM - 09.00AM
Course adjourns
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