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Updated: Jun 17 2021

Structural Properties

  • Introduction
    • Charateristics of orthopaedic implants depend
      • structural properties (this topic)
      • material properties
    • Structural characteristic differs from strength characteristic
      • not only depends on the material, but also the structural configuation of the object (cylinder, rectangle)
      • the stuctural properties can also be demonstrated in a stress vs. strain curve
  • Bending Rigidity (stiffness)
    • Definitions
      • defined as the slope of the curve in the elastic range on a structure stress-strain curve
      • stress shielding of proximal bone in THA is related to implant stem stiffness
    • Solid Cylinder
      • proportional to the radius to 4th power for a solid cylinder
      • cylinder A has great rigidity than cyliner B on illustration above (and thus has greater radius)
    • Hollow Cylinder
      • proportional to the radius to the 3rd power for a hollow cylinder
    • Rectangular Object
      • proportional to the thickness to the 3rd power
  • Area Moment of Inertia (I)
    • Area moment of inertia
      • is a property of shape that is used to predict deflection, bending and stress in beams, and is proportional to Length to the power of four
        • is a function of: structure width, thickness, and polar moment of inertia (J)
        • measure of the flexural stiffness of a beam (i.e. bending rigidity)
    • Polar moment of inertia
      • represents an object resistance to torsion
    • Moment of inertia 
      • is a measure of an object's resistance to change in rotation direction 
  • Deflection
    • Deflection is the degree to which a part of a structural element is displaced under a load (because it deforms)
      • Proportional to: (applied force/elastic modulus)(area moment of inertia)
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