Oct 13 - Oct 15, 2022

2022 11th Annual Direct Anterior Approach Hip Course

Houston, TX


Royal Sonesta Houston Galleria 2222 West Loop South Houston, TX 77027

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Please join us for the 11th annual Direct Anterior Approach Course, October 13-15, 2022, in Houston, TX at the Royal Sonesta Houston Galleria.

We have added a Virtual Attendee option to allow physicians, allied health professionals, fellows, residents, and/or non-sponsoring industry representatives to participate in this course should attending in person not work for their schedules. CME credits for didactic sessions will be available to virtual participants (Physicians and Allied Health Professionals only) as long as sessions are viewed via Zoom in real time (i.e., viewing recorded sessions at a later date/time disqualifies CME eligibility). In addition, please note: only in-person attendees will be eligible to participate in the bioskills lab sessions.

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Course chairs

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Adult Reconstruction Specialty

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Academic

Joseph T. Moskal, M.D.


Royal Sonesta Houston Galleria 2222 West Loop South Houston, TX 77027

10.00AM - 11.00AM
Session Files
11.00AM - 11.05AM
Welcome and Introductions
11.05AM - 12.20PM
11.05AM - 11.17AM
Pros and Cons of Partnership with Private Equity
11.17AM - 11.29AM
Top Ten Tips for Participating in a Bundled Payment Program
11.29AM - 11.41AM
Top Ten Economic Tips for the ASC
11.41AM - 11.53AM
How to Build an ASC and Outpatient Program
11.53AM - 12.05PM
Why I Prefer Hospital Employment
12.05PM - 12.20PM
Q&A and Discussion
12.20PM - 12.50PM
Practice Aggregation
Aggregation pitfalls and best practices
Resources involved for successful aggregation
Various options: Hospital employment, PE, multi-group aggregation
When, how and why to aggregate
12.50PM - 01.35PM
01.35PM - 02.45PM
Optimized Outcomes and Enhances Recovery
01.35PM - 01.43PM
Patient Satisfaction: What to do to Look the Best
01.43PM - 01.51PM
Risk Stratification: Which Patients Need to Stay Overnight vs. Outpatient?
01.51PM - 01.59PM
My Wound Care and Prevention of Infection
02.07PM - 02.15PM
Use of Technology and Physician Extenders for Postoperative Followup
02.15PM - 02.30PM
Strategies and Tactics to Prevent Common Patient Phone Calls
02.30PM - 02.45PM
Q&A and Discussion
02.45PM - 03.35PM
Surgery (TBA)
03.35PM - 04.05PM
04.05PM - 05.05PM
Operative Preparation and Planning
04.05PM - 04.13PM
Pre-Operative Templating and Planning for Femoral Deformity
04.13PM - 04.21PM
Patient Selection
04.21PM - 04.29PM
Optimizing OR Staff
04.29PM - 04.37PM
Patient Positioning and Draping for Tableless Anterior Approach
04.37PM - 04.45PM
The Learning Curve: "What Cases You Should Not Do Until #100"
04.45PM - 04.53PM
Handling Obese and Muscular Patients
04.53PM - 05.05PM
Q&A and Discussion
05.05PM - 06.05PM
Residents and Fellows Abstract Winners
06.05PM - 06.25PM
06.25PM - 07.25PM
Opening Reception
06.30AM - 07.00AM
Industry-Sponsored Breakfast Symposium "TBD"
07.00AM - 08.30AM
The Acetabulum
07.00AM - 07.08AM
Acetabular Exposure - How I Do It
07.08AM - 07.16AM
Cup Positioning - Imageless
07.16AM - 07.24AM
07.24AM - 07.32AM
Cup Positioning - Navigation and Robotics
07.32AM - 07.40AM
Ramifications of Socket Position and Sizing: Impingement and Instability
07.40AM - 07.48AM
Managing the Dysplastic Acetabulum
07.48AM - 07.56AM
Managing the Protrusio Acetabulum
07.56AM - 08.04AM
Cup Positioning after Lumbar/Pelvic Fusion
08.04AM - 08.12AM
Lumbo-Pelvic Alignment - As Much of a Concern with Anterior THA?
08.12AM - 08.30AM
Q&A and Discussion
08.30AM - 09.30AM
Live Surgical Broadcast "TBD"
09.30AM - 10.00AM
10.00AM - 11.30AM
The Femur
10.00AM - 10.08AM
Why I Went from Posterior to Anterior, and Why I Went from With a Special Table to Without a Special Table
10.08AM - 10.16AM
My 10 Reasons Why I Use a Special Table
10.16AM - 10.24AM
My 10 Reasons Why I Do Not Use a Special Table
10.24AM - 10.32AM
Femoral Preparation and Releases: A European Experience
10.32AM - 10.40AM
Making the "Bikini" Incision Work for You in Your Practice
10.40AM - 10.48AM
Osteoporosis: What Should We Be Doing Differently?
10.48AM - 10.56AM
Anterior Hip Hemiarthroplasty in 2021: Technique and Outcomes
10.56AM - 11.18AM
Revisiting Cement in 2022 and Video Technique
11.18AM - 11.26AM
Prudent Use of Cementless Stems in 2022
11.26AM - 11.30AM
Q&A and Discussion
11.30AM - 11.55AM
What's New in Your OR? - Recipes for Success
11.55AM - 12.55PM
Industry-Sponsored Luncheon Symposium "TBD"
12.55PM - 01.15PM
Keynote Speaker
01.15PM - 01.55PM
Literature Review: Latest and Greatest
01.15PM - 01.30PM
Dual Mobility: Expensive and Largely Unnecessary
01.30PM - 01.45PM
DAA Hip: Where is the Literature Argument Today?
01.45PM - 01.55PM
01.55PM - 02.40PM
Transfer to Lab
02.40PM - 03.20PM
Pre-Recorded Surgical Demonstrations
03.20PM - 03.30PM
Change Into Scrubs
03.30PM - 06.30PM
Bioskills Workshop
12.50AM - 01.50AM
Panel Discussion
MOD: ,
07.00AM - 08.00AM
Industry-Sponsored Breakfast Symposium "TBD"
08.00AM - 09.20AM
Avoiding and Treating Complications
08.00AM - 08.08AM
08.08AM - 08.16AM
Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve (LCFN) Neuropraxia
08.16AM - 08.24AM
08.24AM - 08.32AM
Periprosthetic Fracture - Acetabulum
08.40AM - 08.48AM
Leg Length / Offset Inequality
08.48AM - 08.56AM
08.56AM - 09.04AM
Managing Infection with the Anterior Approach
09.04AM - 09.20AM
Q&A and Discussion
09.20AM - 10.20AM
Surgical Broadcast
10.20AM - 10.40AM
10.40AM - 11.50AM
Good Outcomes from Bad Circumstances: My Most Challenging Cases
10.40AM - 10.48AM
Conversion Anterior THA and Removal of Fracture Implants
10.48AM - 10.56AM
Femoral Deformities
10.56AM - 11.04AM
Extending the DAA Distally for Revision and Perisprosthetic Fractures
11.04AM - 11.14AM
Video Vignette: Isolated Cup Revision
11.14AM - 11.24AM
DAA Results of Severe Acetabular Revisions
11.24AM - 11.34AM
Video Vignette: ETO
11.34AM - 11.50AM
Q&A and Discussion
11.50AM - 12.50AM
Industry-Sponsored Luncheon Symposium "TBD"
01.50PM - 02.40PM
Revision THA
01.50PM - 01.58PM
Head/Liner Exchange
01.58PM - 02.06PM
Acetabular Revision, With and Without Iliac Crest Osteotomy
02.06PM - 02.14PM
Component Removal: Tips, Tools, and Techniques
02.14PM - 02.22PM
Proximal Femoral Replacement
02.22PM - 02.40PM
Q&A and Discussion
Session: Registration
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