• Motor

    •  coracobrachialis
    •  biceps
    •  medial brachialis
  • Sensory
    • lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve
      • forearm sensory       
  • C5,6,7
    • superior trunk
      • lateral cord
        • musculocutaneous nerve
          • branch to coracobrachialis
          • branch to biceps
          • branch to brachialis
            • lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve (terminal branch)
  • Pierces Coracobrachialis
    • pierces coracobrachialis 3-8 cm distal to coracoid
    • gives branch to coracobrachialis
  • Splits biceps and brachialis
    • runs between biceps and brachialis in the anterior compartment to enter the lateral aspect of the arm
    • gives branch to biceps and brachialis
  • Pierces deep fascia lateral to biceps brachii
    •  a little above the elbow it pierces the deep fascia lateral to the tendon of the biceps brachii
  • Becomes lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve (terminal branch)
    • emerges lateral to distal bicep tendon and brachoradialis to form  lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve 
Injury & Clinical Conditions
  • Musculocutaneous Nerve Inury
    • usually iatrogenic during deltopectoral approach with dissection or retraction medial to conjoint tendon



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