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Lateral antebrachial cut. nerve

Review Topic

  • Motor 
    • none
  • Sensory
    • radial forearm
  • Reflexes
    • none
  • C5,6,7 
    • superior trunk
      • lateral cord
        • musculocutaneous nerve 
          • lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve
Course of Lateral Antebrachial Cutaneous Nerve
  • Originates from the musculocutaneous nerve
    • passes behind the cephalic vein
    • pierces the deep fascia lateral to the biceps tendon
    • divides at the level of the elbow joint into volar and dorsal branches
Terminal Branches
  • Volar
    • runs distally along radial border of forearm, supplying lateral volar forearm skin sensation
    • small branches innervate the radial aspect of radiocarpal joint
    • ends in communicating branches to
      • superficial branch of the radial nerve (dorsal radial thumb innervation)
      • palmar cutaneous branch of median nerve (volar thumb innervation)
  • Dorsal
    • runs distally along dorsal radial forearm, supplying dorsal-lateral cutaneous innervation
    • ends in communicating branches
      • superficial radial nerve
      • dorsal antebrachial cutaneous branch of radial nerve
Nerve Injury & Clinical Conditions
  • Injury inury
    • results in loss of sensation along the radial aspect of the forearm

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