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Nov 29 - Dec 01, 2018

2018 HSS Holiday Knee & Hip Course

New York City



United States,New York City,Grand Hyatt Hotel, 109 East 42nd Street


Total knee and hip replacements are among some of the most common inpatient procedures. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, about 719,000 total knee replacements and 332,000 total hip replacements are performed in the United States each year. Continued modifications in surgical techniques and materials have further enhanced patient outcomes. To ensure effective implementation of such techniques and materials, it is important that orthopaedic surgeons have the current knowledge necessary to properly perform a total knee or hip replacement, provide optimal care and treatment, recognize and manage post-operative complications, and identify and appraise the current controversies in the care and treatment of knee and hip disorders in various patient populations. Hospital for Special Surgery will address these needs through the 2018 Annual Holiday Knee & Hip Course, which will include faculty from the Adult Reconstruction and Joint Replacement Service. The service performs more knee and hip replacements than any other hospital in the U.S. and has unparalleled experience treating complex conditions.

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Faculty and Moderators

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United States,New York City,Grand Hyatt Hotel, 109 East 42nd Street

06.30AM - 07.30AM
07.30AM - 07.45AM
07.40AM - 07.45AM
ARS Dress Rehearsal
07.45AM - 08.15AM
07.45AM - 07.50AM
Case 1: 62F with Progressive Bilateral Knee Pain
07.50AM - 07.55AM
Case 2: 52M Severe Knee Pain s/p Osteotomies
07.55AM - 08.00AM
Case 3: 70M with Knee Pain and h/o Retrograde IM nail
08.00AM - 08.05AM
Case 4: 70M with Tibia Plateau Fx 6 Weeks After Inj.
08.05AM - 08.10AM
Case 5: 57F with Progressive Medial Knee Pain
08.10AM - 08.15AM
Case 6: 59M with Knee Pain and Varus/flexion Contracture
08.15AM - 08.47AM
Getting Ready for Replacement
MOD: Ballroom
08.15AM - 08.23AM
Optimizing the Patient for Surgery - Modifiable Risk Factors
08.23AM - 08.31AM
Start Early - Does Prehab Improve Recovery?
08.31AM - 08.39AM
Discussion of Expectations
08.39AM - 08.47AM
Discussion / Q&A
08.47AM - 09.25AM
Non Surgical Treatment of Arthritis
MOD: Ballroom
08.47AM - 08.56AM
Knee Injections - Is Ultrasound Guided Any Better?
08.56AM - 09.05AM
Injectable Cell Therapies - Current Status
09.05AM - 09.14AM
Physical Therapy for QA: What's the Evidence?
09.14AM - 09.25AM
Discussion / Q&A
09.25AM - 09.45AM
09.45AM - 10.35AM
Management of the Knee Replacement Patient
MOD: Ballroom
09.53AM - 10.01AM
Anesthetic Techniques: Blocks and Injections
10.01AM - 10.09AM
10.09AM - 10.17AM
10.17AM - 10.25AM
10.25AM - 10.35AM
10.35AM - 11.20AM
Surgical Treatment of OA of the Knee
MOD: Ballroom
10.35AM - 10.44AM
Scope the Knee - Is There a Role in Arthritis?
10.53AM - 11.02AM
11.02AM - 11.11AM
11.11AM - 11.20AM
11.20AM - 12.25PM
12.25PM - 01.05PM
Partial Knee Replacement
MOD: Ballroom
01.05PM - 01.41PM
Implants and Materials
01.05PM - 01.14PM
Bicruciate Retaining Knee Replacement - Are We There?
01.14PM - 01.23PM
Semiconstrained Total Knee Implants - What's the Data Show?
01.23PM - 01.32PM
01.32PM - 01.41PM
Discussion / Q&A
01.41PM - 02.00PM
02.00PM - 02.40PM
Tips for the Complex Primary Knee Replacement
MOD: Ballroom
02.00PM - 02.08PM
02.08PM - 02.16PM
TKR After ACL Reconstruction
02.32PM - 02.40PM
Discussion / Q&A
02.40PM - 03.10PM
Debate Session 1: Robots Are the Way of the Future for Knee Replacement: Get with the Times
MOD: Ballroom
03.10PM - 03.45PM
Debate Session 2: Kinematic Alignment is the Correct Way to Align Knees
MOD: Ballroom
03.45PM - 04.45PM
06.30AM - 07.30AM
07.30AM - 07.40AM
07.40AM - 08.20AM
Balancing a Total Knee Replacement
MOD: Ballroom
07.40AM - 07.48AM
Mechanical Alignment with a Bony Resection Model
07.48AM - 07.56AM
Mechanical Alignment with Flexion Gap Balancing
08.04AM - 08.12AM
Use a Sensor and Futz with It: Shave a Little Bone.. Piecrust a Ligament
08.12AM - 08.20AM
Discussion / Q&A
08.20AM - 09.00AM
Total Knee Replacement Tips and Tricks
MOD: Ballroom
08.20AM - 08.28AM
How Do I Set Femoral Rotation?
08.28AM - 08.36AM
How Do I Set Tibial Rotation?
08.36AM - 08.44AM
How Do I Do a Soft Tissue in the Valgus Knee
08.44AM - 08.52AM
Patellar Tracking: When do I do a lateral release and how do I do it?
08.52AM - 09.00AM
Discussion / Q&A
09.00AM - 09.32AM
Infection in Total Knee Replacement
MOD: Ballroom
09.05AM - 09.10AM
Wash it Out, Keep the Implants
09.15AM - 09.20AM
09.20AM - 09.25AM
How Long Do I Keep Them on Antibiotics?
09.25AM - 09.32AM
Discussion / Q&A
09.32AM - 10.20AM
Revision Total Knee Replacement
MOD: Ballroom
09.32AM - 09.40AM
Planning - What is the Appropriate Pre-operative Evaluation?
09.40AM - 09.48AM
09.56AM - 10.04AM
Constraint - CR, PS, Constrained, Hinge - How Do I Make the Decision?
10.04AM - 10.12AM
10.12AM - 10.20AM
Discussion / Q&A
10.20AM - 10.35AM
10.35AM - 11.05AM
Session 3: Cement is Not Necessary for Hip Replacement in 2018
MOD: Ballroom
10.35AM - 10.45AM
10.55AM - 11.05AM
Discussion / Q&A
11.05AM - 11.41AM
Complex Primary THR
MOD: Ballroom
11.05AM - 11.14AM
11.14AM - 11.23AM
Converting an IM Nail to a Total Hip Replacement
11.23AM - 11.32AM
Abnormal Femoral Anatomy: Version Issues and Deformities
11.32AM - 11.41AM
Discussion / Q&A
11.41AM - 12.21PM
Adverse Soft Tissue Reactions: What Do We Know Now?
MOD: Ballroom
11.41AM - 11.51AM
Not Just Metal on Metal Hips
11.51AM - 12.01PM
What Does the Imaging Look Like?
12.01PM - 12.11PM
12.11PM - 12.21PM
Discussion / Q&A
12.21PM - 01.20PM
01.20PM - 01.50PM
01.20PM - 01.40PM
The Search for the Holy Grail: Avoiding Narcotics in Acute and Post-Operative Care
01.40PM - 01.50PM
Discussion / Q&A
01.50PM - 01.58PM
01.58PM - 02.08PM
Laskin Award Recipient Research Presentation
01.58PM - 02.03PM
02.03PM - 02.08PM
Discussion / Q&A
02.08PM - 02.49PM
The Hip and Spine Are Related: What Have We Learned?
MOD: Ballroom
02.08PM - 02.16PM
There is No Classic "Safe Zone"
02.16PM - 02.24PM
Stiff Spines are a Risk Factor for Dislocation
02.24PM - 02.32PM
How I Address the Hip and the Spine to Minimize the Risks
02.32PM - 02.40PM
Dual Mobility is Not the Answer to Everything: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly David
02.40PM - 02.49PM
Discussion / Q&A
02.49PM - 03.19PM
Debate Session 4: Activity Restrictions NO LONGER NECESSARY
MOD: Ballroom
02.49PM - 02.59PM
03.09PM - 03.19PM
Discussion / Q&A
03.19PM - 03.24PM
Travel to Case Discussion Breakout Sessions
03.24PM - 04.55PM
Case Discussion Breakout Sessions
04.55PM - 04.55PM
07.00AM - 08.00AM
08.00AM - 08.10AM
08.10AM - 08.40AM
08.10AM - 08.15AM
08.15AM - 08.20AM
08.20AM - 08.25AM
Case 3: 71F Retired Surgeon with Hip Fx
08.25AM - 08.30AM
Case 4: 68M with Hip Pain
08.30AM - 08.35AM
Arthritic Hip in 43M 3 yrs s/p Hip Arthroscopy
09.15AM - 09.52AM
Complications in THR
MOD: Ballroom
09.15AM - 09.24AM
Avoiding Leg Length Discrepancies
09.24AM - 09.33AM
09.33AM - 09.42AM
The Acutely Infected THR
09.42AM - 09.52AM
Discussion / Q&A
09.52AM - 10.05AM
10.05AM - 10.58AM
Acetabular Revision
MOD: Ballroom
10.05AM - 10.10AM
10.10AM - 10.19AM
10.19AM - 10.28AM
10.37AM - 10.42AM
10.42AM - 10.58AM
Discussion / Q&A
10.58AM - 11.51AM
The Femoral Side
MOD: Ballroom
10.58AM - 11.03AM
Case Presentation: Intro to Case
11.03AM - 11.12AM
11.12AM - 11.21AM
11.21AM - 11.30AM
11.30AM - 11.35AM
Case Presentation: What I Did
11.35AM - 11.51AM
Discussion / Q&A
11.51AM - 12.36AM
OMG, I'm Glad this Was Your Case and Not Mine
MOD: Ballroom
Session Files
12.06PM - 12.21PM
Case 2 (10 min case, 5 min Q&A)
12.21PM - 12.36PM
Case 3 (10 min case, 5 min Q&A)
12.36PM - 12.36PM
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