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Updated: Oct 21 2016

Lumbosacral Plexus

  • ventral rami from T12-S3
  • found on the anterior surface of the quadratus lumborum and lies posterior to the psoas muscle
  • sciatic nerve composed of L4-S3
    • peroneal division more lateral than the tibial division
  • NAVAL: Within the triangle, from a lateral to medial direction, are the femoral Nerve, Artery, and Vein and the Lymphatic vessels
  • POP'S IQ: nerves exiting below piriformis are : Pudendal, Obturator internus, Postfemoral cutaneous, Sciatic, Inferior gluteal, Quadratus femoris
  • L5 nerve root endangered during percutaneous iliosacral screw placement
  • Superior gluteal L4-S1 Gluteus medius and minimus/tensor fascia lata
  • Quadratus femoris L4-S1 Quadratus femoris/inferior gemellus   
  • Peroneal L4-S2 Biceps (short head)/tibialis anterior/extensor digitorum longus/peroneus tertius/extensor hallucis longus
    Peroneus longus and brevis/extensor hallucis brevis/extensor digitorum brevis
  • Tibia L4-S3 Semimembranosus/semitendinosus/biceps (long head)/adductor magnus/gastrocnemius/soleus/plantaris/popliteus/tibialis posterior/flexor digitorum longus/flexor hallucis longus
  • Obturator internus L5-S2 Obturatorius internus/superior gemellus
  • Inferior gluteal L5-S2 Gluteus maximus
  • Posterior femoral cutaneous S1-S3
    • Sensory: posterior thigh


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