VEQTR Learning Technique

The Science of Memorization

Our VEQTR (Visually-Enhanced-Question-Topic-Repetition) learning technique consolidates proven memorization methods within an internet framework to create more efficient learning and test taking skills. We believe that successful standardized test-taking requires a unique skill set that many orthopaedic residencies do not emphasize. Our teaching method represents a paradigm shift from the common and inefficient study technique of reading a chapter in-depth on an infrequent basis. The VEQTR learning technique acts more like a flashcard system, where the same material is repetitively viewed and reinforced over time. This rapid repetition of material, strengthened by visual cues and integrated into practice questions, optimizes memorization and test taking skills.

How to Use the VEQTR Learning Technique

The VEQTR learning technique is based on repetition. Therefore, in the process you will feel like you are seeing the same questions over and over again. It can be annoying and somewhat boring (like reviewing flashcards), but is effective. Be patient and follow the VEQTR technique. Keep up a brisk pace. Its not about memorization everything the first time around. You will see the same material again soon. (Screen-flow Video pending)

  • Go to Qbank
  • Select practice test and create.
  • Read first question and answer WITHOUT viewing the answer and discussion.
  • Click the double arrow icon to go to the tested topic.
  • Briefly review the bullets of the topic.
  • (within the topic) View all key images.
  • (within the topic) Click all question icons after the tested concept and answer the question and read the discussions. Do not link to the PubMed references at this time. (At this time you will see the featured practice question for a second time)
  • (within the topic) Do all topic-specific questions located at the bottom of the topic. These are the same questions you just saw when you clicked the question icons. This repetition is intended. (At this time you are seeing the featured practice question for the third time)
  • Once you have completed reviewing the topic and all topic-specific questions, then hit the back arrow on your browser to return to the featured question.
  • View you existing answer to the featured question and change it if you want. Review the answer and discussion. (This is the fourth time you are reviewing the featured question. This repetition is intended).
  • At this time select the reference PMID link of the featured practice question. Briefly read the abstracts, especially the conclusions.
  • Once done with the first featured practice question, select next and move to the next practice question.
  • Repeat the same cycle.