Search Function

Dual-Mode Search Engine leads to Efficient & Comprehensive Access to Content

Accessing information efficiently is important for repetition and the process of memorization. Therefore we have created a dual-mode search box that allows efficient and comprehensive access to the content.

Mode A: Drop Down Topic Search

This mode allows for very efficient retrieval of content based on the TOPIC TITLES ONLY.

  1. Type in the initial letters of the topic you are searching for (e.g., elbo for elbow dislocation).
  2. A list of matching topics will appear in the drop down box.
  3. Select the topic and it will bring you to the topic page.

Mode B: Comprehesive Google Search of all Orthobullets content

This mode allows your to search all Orthobullets content based on a keyword. This is useful for finding non-topic content (e.g., HLA-B27) or finding all questions related to a keyword. Note: This mode is based on user traffic so the function will improve with time after we formally launch the web site.

  1. Type in the keyword in its entirety.
  2. Click the Arrow Button to the right of the search box.
  3. A Google query result will appear in the main window. Select your desired link.