Updated: 7/3/2019

Quadrangular Space, Triangular Space, Triangular Interval

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  • Three important spaces of the shoulder that are bordered by the triceps include 
    • quadrangular space
    • triangular space
    • triangular interval
Quadrangular Space
  • Borders
    • medial: long head of triceps
    • lateral: humeral shaft
    • superior: teres minor
    • inferior: teres major
  • Contents
    • axillary nerve 
      • passes through the quadrilateral space on its path to innervate the teres minor and deltoid and provide sensation to the lateral arm
    • posterior humeral circumflex artery
Triangular Space
  • Borders
    • inferior: teres major
    • lateral: long head of triceps
    • superior: lower border of teres minor
  • Contents
    • scapular circumflex artery
Triangular Interval
  • Borders
    • superior: teres major
    • lateral: lateral head of the triceps or the humerus
    • medial: long head of the triceps
  • Contents
    • profunda brachii artery
    • radial nerve 

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