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Updated: Oct 21 2016

Median nerve

  • Motor
    • superficial volar forearm group                                                                                                                          
    •  Pronator teres 
      •  Flexor carpi radialis
      •  Palmaris longus
    • intermediate group
      •  Flexor digitorum superficialis
    • deep group
      •  Flexor digitorum profundus (lateral)
      •  Flexor pollicis longus
      •  Pronator quadratus
    • hand
      •  1st and 2nd lumbricals
      •  Opponens pollicis
      •  Abductor pollicis brevis
      •  Flexor pollicis brevis


  • Brachial plexus  
    • C5-T1 roots
      • medial and lateral cords
  • Anterior compartment of arm
    • anterior compartment (anteromedial to humerus)
    • runs with brachial artery (lateral in upper arm / medial at elbow)
    • no branches in the arm
  • Forearm
    • enters the forearm between the pronator teres and biceps tendon
    • travels between flexor digitorum superficialis (FDS) and flexor digitorum profundus (FDP)
    • then emerges between the FDS and flexor pollicis longus (FPL)
  • Hand
    • the nerve then enters the hand via the carpal tunnel, along with the tendons of the FDS, FDP and FPL
  • Terminal branches
    • anterior interosseous branch (AIN)
      • innervates the deep volar compartment of forearm except the ulnar half of the FDP
    • palmar cutaneous branch 
      • supplies sensory innervation to lateral palm
    • recurrent branch (to thenar compartment)
    • digital cutaneous branches
      • supply the radial 3 1/2 digits (palmar)
      • can also supply the index, long, and ring fingers dorsally
Clinical Conditions
  •  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  •  AIN Neuropathy
  •  Pronator Syndrome
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