THA Rehabilitation

Topic updated on 05/23/14 8:11pm
  • Multidisciplinary approach with emphasis on early mobilization
    • limited evidence-based literature to support different types of rehabilitation
  • Post operative restrictions 
    • restrictions to prevent dislocation vary based on surgical approach
    • the utility of post operative restrictions has been challenged
Return to Sport
  • Higher revision rates seen for patients less than 55 years-old
    • attributed to higher activity levels
  • Most individuals return to low-impact activities such as golf following THA
    • minimal change in handicap is expected with THA 
    •  inreased handicap with TKA 


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(OBQ11.16) A 68-year-old right handed male golfer presents with significant left knee pain which has not been amenable to conservative management. A radiograph is shown in Figure A. He is interested in pursuing total knee arthroplasty (TKA). What can this patient expect with regards to his golf game after undergoing this procedure? Topic Review Topic
FIGURES: A          

1. A significant rise in his handicap
2. No change in his drive distance
3. Decreased pain compared to undergoing a right TKA
4. A significant chance of having severe pain during play
5. Patients are required to use a cart while golfing


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