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Jun 17 - Jun 19, 2021

ICJR 8th Annual Revision Hip & Knee Course

Rochester, MN



10 East Center Street, Rochester, Minnesota, 55904


Make plans to join us for the 8th Annual Revision Hip & Knee Course, June 17 – 19, 2021, in Rochester, Minnesota.
This is the ideal course for you if you’re already experienced in primary hip and knee arthroplasty and now want to learn how you can expand your skills in revision procedures. The expert faculty will share the knowledge, experience, and skills they have acquired in their busy revision practices to address a variety of topics, including:

• Extensile exposure
• Component selection
• Component removal techniques
• Options for treating periprosthetic infection
• Evaluation of metal hypersensitivity
• Management of extensor mechanism injury

During the bioskills labs, you will have the opportunity for hands-on learning under the direction of some of the top revision surgeons in the country.

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Course chairs

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Adult Reconstruction Specialty

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Academic

Mayo Clinic

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Adult Reconstruction Specialty

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Academic

Indiana Joint Replacement Institute


10 East Center Street, Rochester, Minnesota, 55904

03.00PM - 04.00PM
04.00PM - 04.05PM
Welcome & Introduction
04.05PM - 05.15PM
Session 1: Periprosthetic Joint Infection
04.05PM - 04.13PM
Evaluation of the Painful Total Joint Arthroplasty
04.13PM - 04.21PM
Acute PJI of the Hip and Knee: Role for I&D and Component Retention with Suppression
04.21PM - 04.29PM
Two-stage Exchange for the Infected THA: Articulating Spacer (Surgical Technique Video)
04.37PM - 04.45PM
Two-stage Exchange for the Infected TKA: Articulating Spacer (Surgical Technique Video)
04.45PM - 04.53PM
04.53PM - 05.15PM
05.15PM - 06.30PM
Session 2: Interactive Small Group Case Discussions (THA & TKA)
06.30PM - 07.30PM
Opening Reception
06.00AM - 07.00AM
Industry-Sponsored Breakfast Symposium
07.00AM - 07.55AM
Session 3: Fundamentals of Revision THA
07.55AM - 08.50AM
Session 4: Acetabular Revision
08.03AM - 08.11AM
Bone Defect Management: Highly Porous Augments (Video)
08.11AM - 08.19AM
08.19AM - 08.27AM
08.35AM - 08.50AM
08.50AM - 09.20AM
09.20AM - 10.30AM
Session 5: Femoral Revisions and THA Complications
09.20AM - 09.28AM
Evaluation & Management of Femoral Bone Loss, Stem Selection: An Overview
09.28AM - 09.36AM
09.52AM - 10.00AM
Evaluation & Management of Periprosthetic Femur Fractures After THA
10.08AM - 10.16AM
Surgical Management of Instability: Large Head, Dual Mobility or Constrained Liner
10.30AM - 11.15AM
Session 6: Fundamentals of Revision TKA
10.30AM - 10.38AM
Preoperative Planning in Revision TKA (Implant Choices, Bone Loss, Stems, etc.)
10.38AM - 10.46AM
Essential Surgical Steps for Successful Revision TKA (Video Techniques)
10.46AM - 10.54AM
11.02AM - 11.15AM
11.15AM - 12.15PM
Industry-Sponsored Luncheon Symposium
11.15AM - 12.15PM
01.00PM - 01.30PM
Walk to Lab/Change into Scrubs
01.15PM - 02.15PM
Group B: Case Presentations in General Session
01.45PM - 02.45PM
Group A: Revision THA Lab
02.45PM - 03.45PM
Group B: Revision THA Lab
03.00PM - 04.00PM
Group A: Case Presentations in General Session
04.00PM - 04.30PM
04.30PM - 05.45PM
Session 8: Managing Bone Loss
04.38PM - 04.46PM
04.54PM - 05.02PM
05.02PM - 05.10PM
05.10PM - 05.18PM
The Ultimate Solution: Distal Femoral Replacements - When and How? (Video)
05.18PM - 05.30PM
06.00AM - 07.00AM
Industry Sponsored Breakfast Symposium
06.00AM - 07.00AM
Hybrid Stem Fixation in Revision TKA
07.00AM - 08.00AM
Session 9: TKA Complications
07.00AM - 07.10AM
Management of Instability with Varus-Valgus Contrained Devices: Indications and Surgical Principles
07.10AM - 07.20AM
Management of Instability with Rotating Hinge TKA: Indications and Surgical Principles
07.20AM - 07.30AM
07.40AM - 08.00AM
08.00AM - 08.45AM
Revision TKA Demonstrations
08.10AM - 08.20AM
08.30AM - 08.45AM
Tips and Techniques to applying ciNPT in revision knee arthroplasty
08.45AM - 09.45AM
Group A: Revision TKA Lab
10.15AM - 11.15AM
Group B: Revision TKA Lab
10.30AM - 11.30AM
Group A: Case Presentation in General Session
11.30AM - 12.00PM
12.00PM - 12.45PM
Session 11: Extensor Mechanism
12.00PM - 12.10PM
Patellar Instability in Total Knee Arthroplasty: Evaluation & Management
12.20PM - 12.30PM
Management of Chronic Extensor Mechanism Injury: Marlex Mesh (Surgical Technique Video)
12.45PM - 01.40PM
Session 12: Miscellaneous Revision Topics
12.45PM - 12.53PM
12.53PM - 01.01PM
01.09PM - 01.17PM
01.17PM - 01.25PM
Revision of Failed Unicompartmental to TKA: Technique & Pearls with Video
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