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Updated: Jun 7 2021

Layers of the Plantar Foot

  • Dorsal Layer
    • Extensor digitorum brevis
  • First Plantar Layer
    • Most superficial of all the layers
    • Muscles
      • abductor hallucis
      • flexor digitorum brevis (FDB)
      • abductor digiti minimi
  • Second Plantar Layer
    • Muscles
      • quadratus plantae
      • lumbrical muscles
    • Tendons
      • flexor digitorum longus (FDL)
      • flexor hallucis longus (FHL)
    • Neurovascular structures
      • medial and lateral plantar arteries
  • Third Plantar Layer
    • Muscles
      • flexor hallucis brevis
      • oblique and transverse heads of the adductor hallucis
      • flexor digiti minimi brevis
  • Fourth Plantar Layer
    • Deepest layer
    • Muscles
      • dorsal interosseous
      • plantar interosseus
    • Tendons
      • peroneus longus
      • tibialis posterior
        • both tendons travel to their insertion point via fibro-osseus tunnels
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