We reviewed the results of osteosynthesis for the treatment of an established non-union of the lateral humeral condyle in sixteen children whose average age was nine years (range, four to thirteen years) at the time of the operation. The average interval between the injury and the operation was five years (range, five months to ten years). The presenting symptoms were pain in the elbow in seven patients, apprehension in nine, a cubitus valgus deformity in six, limitation of motion in three, and dysfunction of the ulnar nerve in four. The average duration of follow-up was eleven years (range, four to thirty-two years). Osseous union was achieved after the initial operation in thirteen patients. Of the three patients who had a persistent non-union, two had a second operation and the third, who was asymptomatic, refused additional operative intervention. The result was rated excellent in eight patients, good in seven, and poor in one, with use of a modification of the functional rating index of Broberg and Morrey. The patient who had a poor result had evidence of avascular necrosis of the fragment.

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