Adequate subscapularis tendon mobilization and glenoid exposure are critical to a successful anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty. A lesser tuberosity osteotomy allows for direct bone-to-bone healing while maintaining the strong tendon-to-bone attachment of the subscapularis tendon insertion. Excision of the typically thickened and contracted anteroinferior capsule in osteoarthritic shoulders can help mobilize the subscapularis, theoretically allowing for optimal soft-tissue balance, decreased tension on the subscapularis repair, improved glenoid exposure, and anatomic repair. In this Technical Note and accompanying video, we describe our technique for lesser tuberosity osteotomy with anteroinferior capsulectomy for anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty. This technique reliably and reproducibly produces good results in terms of glenoid exposure, soft-tissue balance, and postoperative subscapularis function.

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