We present 89 patients (average age 33 years) with Bennett's fracture (two part fracture to the first metacarpal base). All patients were treated surgically with open reduction internal fixation: 26 patients with K-wires, 19 with titanium mini T-plate, and 44 with titanium osteosynthetic screws (Herbert, AO, TwinFix). The surgical approach we used is a minimal incision of 2-3 cm modification of the radiopalmar curving incision. The Bennett fracture healed and full recovery of function was found between 4-8 weeks. There was no evidence of operative complications, instability of the trapeziometacarpal joint or degenerative changes postoperatively. K-wires were removed in 26 patients after 5-7 weeks, while all other osteosynthetic materials were not removed. We believe that it is important to choose osteosynthetic material according to the type of Bennett fracture to be treated, surgical treatment at the earliest possible time, even if the fracture dislocation is 1 mm. Physical rehabilitation is also important to start as soon as possible.

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