Updated: 11/10/2012

Medial approach to MTP joint of great toe

Review Topic
  • Make curved incision 5cm long on medial aspect of joint
    • begin proximal to IP joint
    • curve dorsally to medial border of EHL
    • end 2.5 cm proximal to MTP joint on medial foor
Deep Dissection
  • Disect through subcutaneous tissues and fascia
  • Laterally retract medial branch of first dorsal metatarsal artery and medial branch of dorsomedial nerve (branch of superficial peroneal nerve)
  • Disect fascia down to bursa over medial aspect of metatarsal head
  • Make racquet-shaped flap/incision through fascia and into joint
    • base of the flap should attach at base of proximal phalanx

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