Global Longitudinal Orthopaedic Benchmark Exam (GLOBE) 
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100 Questions
| 2.5 Hours | Closed-book


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    Foster a constructive & safe learning environment by adding an additional formal medical knowledge assessment point and decreasing the emphasis, and stress, of one annual exam such as the OITE. Use additional assessment data points to prevent residents from falling behind and ensure everyone excels. 
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  • Build your exam endurance & focus, a critical skill required to perform well on medical board examinations, with our 100-question, 2.5-hour, continuous exam 
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How It Will Help You
While orthobullets is not a big fan of long board examinations, they remain a reality in medical education. Therefore, we have created the Global Benchmark Exam to act as a benchmarking tool to help diagnose your strength and weakness compared to residents around the world. The 100-question exam is a unique opportunity for individuals to build their examination endurance & focus, a critical skill to perform well on medical board examinations. 
About Our Questions
Our exam consists of 100 high-quality board style questions, newly published, covering all orthopaedic subspecialties, carefully blueprinted to match board exams from around the world. The exam targets recent trending tested concepts identified on recent examinations such as the AAOS OITE and AAOS Self-Assessment Exams. The questions on the exam are not available in our free or premium Qbank to ensure an "even playing field" for all exam takers. All questions undergo a rigorous multi-level peer review process by orthopaedic surgeons to ensure the highest-quality. Questions are evaluated with algorithmic Item Response Theory (IRT) to ensure they are sensitive and specific for true medical knowledge. See our exam blueprint below to see how our exam compares to others around the world. 

How We Generate the Curve
Our benchmark exam curve and PGY% Rank score is generated from first-time, timed, exam takers from ~ 130 US orthopaedic residency programs. Our proprietary data and methodology allows us to generate a PGY% Rank that is predictive and correlates with AAOS OITE PGY% Rank Scores.


Exam Details
  • Total Questions: 100
  • Time per question: 90 seconds
  • Total Exam time: 150 minutes | 2.5 hours
  • Number of breaks: Continuous exam without breaks
  • Exam blueprint by specialty:

    • 18%  Trauma
    • 13%  Pediatrics 
    • 12%  Basic Science
    • 9%    Hand
    • 9%    Pathology
    • 8%    Shoulder & Elbow 
    • 8%    Spine
    • 8%    Recon
    • 7%    Foot & Ankle 
    • 7%    Knee & Sports
    • 1%    Approaches

See how this exam compares to others (click table to zoom in)



Exam Instructions

  1. Once you begin the exam you will have 150 minutes to finish the exam (90 seconds/question). DO NOT CLICK THE LINK UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO BEGIN THE EXAM.

  2. You will NOT be able to "pause" the exam once it has begun. You will only have one chance to take the exam in test mode.

  3. Any unanswered question will be counted as incorrect. You may click the "Review Question" tab to review your answers and make changes.   

  4. Once you complete the exam, click "Submit Exam" and your answers will be processed. Once you submit your exam you will be unable to make any further changes to your answers.

  5. You need to have uninterrupted internet access to take the exam. Under no conditions will we reset the exam. You have one shot so make sure you have 150 uninterupted minutes.




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