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Jun 15 - Jun 17, 2023

IOEN Rochester Revision Course

Rochester, MN


Hilton Rochester/Mayo Clinic Area 10 East Center Street Rochester, MN 55904

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Make plans to join the International Orthopedic Education Network for the Rochester Revision Course, June 15-17, 2023 at the Hilton Rochester/Mayo Clinic Area.

This is the ideal course for you if you’re already experienced in primary hip and knee arthroplasty and now want to learn how you can expand your skills in revision procedures. The expert faculty will share the knowledge, experience, and skills they have acquired in their busy revision practices to address a variety of topics, including:

• Complex revision exposures

• Implant extraction

• Revision implant selection and implantation

• Perioprosthetic joint infection

• Mitigation and management of complications

During the bioskills labs, you will have the opportunity for hands-on learning under the direction of some of the top revision surgeons in the country. Register now to reserve your spot for this important educational experience and begin to prepare for the predicted increase in patients requiring revision procedures.

We look forward to seeing you in Rochester!

Not able to join us in Rochester?

We will be offering a Virtual Attendee option to allow physicians, allied health professionals, fellows, residents, and/or non-sponsoring industry representatives to participate in this course should attending in person not work for their schedules. CME credits for didactic sessions will be available to virtual participants (Physicians and Allied Health Professionals only) as long as sessions are viewed via Zoom in real time (viewing recorded sessions at a later date/time disqualifies CME eligibility).

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Course chairs

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Adult Reconstruction Specialty

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Academic

Mayo Clinic

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Adult Reconstruction Specialty

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Academic

OrthoCarolina - Hip & Knee Center and Atrium Musculoskeletal Institute

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Adult Reconstruction Specialty

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Academic

Indiana Joint Replacement Institute


Hilton Rochester/Mayo Clinic Area 10 East Center Street Rochester, MN 55904

03.00PM - 04.00PM
04.00PM - 04.05PM
Welcome & Introductions
04.05PM - 05.00PM
Session 1: Periprosthetic Joint Infection
04.05PM - 04.15PM
Contemporary Diagnosis of PJI: Serologies, Aspiration, and Special Tests in 2023
04.15PM - 04.25PM
Acute PJI of the Hip and Knee: Role of DAIR with Suppression
04.25PM - 04.35PM
Two-stage Exchange for Infected THAs: Articulating Spacers (Surgical Technique Video)
Two-stage Exchange for Infected TKAs: Static Spacers (Surgical Technique Video)
04.45PM - 04.55PM
One-stage Exchange: Who Is Indicated and How I Do It
04.55PM - 05.00PM
05.00PM - 06.30PM
Session 2: Interactive Small Group Case Discussions on PJI Cases of the Hip and Knee
06.30PM - 07.30PM
Welcome Reception in Exhibit Hall
06.00AM - 07.00AM
Breakfast Symposium
07.00AM - 07.10AM
What is IOEN
07.10AM - 08.00AM
Session 3: Fundamentals of Revision THA
07.10AM - 07.19AM
Acetabular and Femoral Bone Loss Classification, Diagnostic Workup, and Templating
07.19AM - 07.28AM
Extensile Exposure via Posterior Approach - Paprosky ETO (Video Technique)
07.28AM - 07.37AM
Extensile Exposure via Direct Lateral Approach -Wagner ETO (Video Technique)
07.37AM - 07.46AM
Acetabular Component Removal Techniques (Video Technique)
07.46AM - 07.55AM
Femoral Component Removal Techniques (Video Technique)
07.55AM - 08.00AM
08.00AM - 08.50AM
Session 4: Acetabular Revision Tips and Tricks
08.00AM - 08.09AM
Jumbo Acetabular Component Only: When I Use It, and How I Do It
08.09AM - 08.18AM
Highly Porous Augments for Bone Loss Management (Video Technique)
08.18AM - 08.27AM
Cup-Cage Construct for Bone Loss Management (Video Technique)
08.27AM - 08.36AM
Custom Tri-Flange for Bone Loss Management (Video Technique)
08.36AM - 08.45AM
Pelvic Discontinuity Management with Acetabular Distraction
08.45AM - 08.50AM
08.50AM - 09.20AM
Morning Break
09.20AM - 10.25AM
Session 5: Femoral Revisions and THA Complications
09.20AM - 09.28AM
Monoblock Fluted Tapered Stems: When I Use Them and Video-based Technique
09.28AM - 09.36AM
Modular Fluted Tapered Stem: Video-based Tips and Tricks
09.36AM - 09.44AM
Use of Megaprostheses and Management of Tenuous Trochanters
09.44AM - 09.52AM
MoM Bearings, Dual-modular Necks, and Taper Corrosion: How I Evaluate and Manage
09.52AM - 10.00AM
Periprosthetic Femur Fractures After THA: Evaluation, Classification, and Surgical Management
10.00AM - 10.08AM
Hip-Spine Syndrome: A Simple Explanation
10.08AM - 10.16AM
Hip-Spine Syndrome: A Simple Explanation
10.16AM - 10.25AM
10.25AM - 11.10AM
Session 6: Fundamentals of Revision TKA
10.25AM - 10.35AM
Femoral and Tibial Bone Loss Classifcation, Diagnostic Workup, and Templating
10.35AM - 10.45AM
Minimizing Pain and Bleeding During Revision TKAs
10.45AM - 10.55AM
Revision Exposures: Standard Extensile, Quad Snip, and TTO (Video Techniques)
10.55AM - 11.05AM
Implant Removal: Femoral, Tibial, and Patellar (Video Techniques)
11.05AM - 11.10AM
11.10AM - 12.00PM
Industry Sponsored Luncheon Symposium
12.00PM - 01.00PM
Revision THA Demonstrations
12.00PM - 12.15PM
Dual Mobility and Short Modular Fluted Tapered Stem
12.15PM - 12.30PM
Dual-Mobility and Standard Modular Fluted Tapered Stem
12.30PM - 12.45PM
Proximal Femoral Replacement with Modular Press-Fit Fluted Tapered Stem
12.45PM - 01.00PM
Cup-Cage Construct
01.00PM - 04.45PM
Revision THA Labs: Interactive Small Group Discussions on Revision THA Cases
04.45PM - 05.15PM
Afternoon Break
05.15PM - 06.15PM
Session 8: Managing Bone Loss and Fixation During Revision TKAs
05.15PM - 05.24PM
Diaphyseal Press-Fit Stems: Principles & Video-based Surgical Technique
05.24PM - 05.33PM
Cemented Stems: Principles & Video-based Surgical Technique
05.33PM - 05.42PM
Porous Tantalum Cones for Metaphyseal Fixation (Video Technique)
05.42PM - 05.51PM
Sleeves for Metaphyseal Fixation (Video Technique)
05.51PM - 06.00PM
Porous Titanium Cones with a Mill System (Video Technique)
06.00PM - 06.10PM
Distal Femoral Replacements: When and How? (Video Techniques)
06.10PM - 06.15PM
06.15PM - 07.15PM
Pre-Recorded Surgery
06.00AM - 07.00AM
07.00AM - 07.45AM
Session 9: TKA Complications
07.00AM - 07.10AM
Management of Instability with Varus-Valgus Contrained Devices: Indications and Surgical Principles
07.10AM - 07.20AM
Management of Instability with Rotating Hinge TKA: Indications and Surgical Principles
07.20AM - 07.30AM
Management of Periprosthetic Fractures after TKA: ORIF vs. Revision
07.30AM - 07.40AM
Management of Patella Fractures after TKA: Classification and Treatment Algorithms
07.40AM - 07.45AM
07.45AM - 08.45AM
Revision TKA Demonstrations
07.45AM - 08.00AM
3D Printed Metaphyseal Cones with a Mill System
08.00AM - 08.15AM
Metaphyseal Cones with a Broach
08.15AM - 08.30AM
Biologic Fixation with Dynamic, Additive Manufactured Cones
08.30AM - 08.45AM
Metaphyseal Sleeves
08.45AM - 11.30AM
Revision TKA Labs: Interactive Discussions on Revision TKA Cases
11.30AM - 12.30AM
Luncheon Symposium
12.30PM - 01.00PM
Session 11: Extensor Mechanism
12.30PM - 12.38PM
Patellar Instability in Total Knee Arthroplasty: Evaluation & Management
12.38PM - 12.46PM
Management of Patellar Bone Loss During Revision TKA
12.46PM - 12.54PM
Extensor Mechanism Reconstruction with Marlex Mesh (Surgical Technique Video)
12.54PM - 01.00PM
01.00PM - 01.45PM
Session 12: Miscellaneous
01.00PM - 01.08PM
Evaluation and Surgical Management of Flexion Instability
01.08PM - 01.16PM
Revision TKA for Arthrofibrosis: Etiology and Surgical Treatment
01.16PM - 01.24PM
Revision of Failed UKA to TKA: Video-based Tips and Tricks
01.24PM - 01.32PM
Metal Hypersensitivity: Current State of Evaluation and Management
01.32PM - 01.40PM
Outpatient Revision TJAs: When Is It Safe, If Ever!
01.40PM - 01.45PM
Course Adjourns
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