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The Virtual Curriculum is a 12-month premium plan. By purchasing the Virtual Curriculum, you will gain access to a library of premium content and learning tools. You may purchase the Virtual Curriculum alone, or purchase it by buying any Study Plan (this automatically gives you 12-month access to the Virtual Curriculum from the time of purchase). Over the last year, we have been improving our platform technology. The next 12 months will be focused on improving content.

What you get for 12 months for $100

Virtual Curriculum members will now have access to over 2000 AAOS questions

Access to unlimited study plans for 12-months, a proven recipe for any test
Simulate the testing environment with the only diagnostic exams on the market

Demo our new topic tracking system, measure your progress on 720 orthopaedic topics
Create custom tests by specialty and year with our signature VC questions 

Be the first to beta test our competency-based mastery checklist for surgical skills
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Now ~1000 AAOS SAE Questions on the Orthobullets web & mobile platform!
(question count will increase to 2000+ by November)


Create personal exams with AAOS SAE Questions
Make exams AAOS SAE Questions alone or combined with orthobullets questions.

View AAOS SAE questions under our topics

This allows for topic-specific practice question that dont count in your Testmaster.

Do AAOS SAE on 5 star mobile App:
On the wards or on the go - results synced real time with your Testmaster.



 The only truly diagnostic exam on the market.  Assess your deficiencies with our monthly milestone exams.



(these exams contain questions that can only be seen when taking an exam)
Question Count: 150 QUESTIONS 

2016 milestone mock exam D 2016 milestone mock exam C    

(premium questions that can be seen under topic by Virtual Curriculum members only)
Question count: 450+ QUESTIONS 

2016 Milestone Exam B 2016 Milestone Exam A 


500+ questions not available in the free QBank:
Our best questions are reserved for Virtual Curriculum members.

Track your progress with Testmaster:
See your question scores broken down by specialty and predict your score on the OITE.

New questions updated monthly:
All questions pass through a multi-level review by our top rated authors.






Take the "thinking out of learning" with our proven study plan strategy.

  • Daily study plan email pacing
    • Recommended topic reading
    • Associated topic questions
    • Key Journal Articles

  • Interval Mock Exams
    • Identify your strengths
    • Diagnose your deficiencies
    • Simulate the testing environment

  • Access all content in the Virtual Curriculum
    • One library for all archived educational resources





(on average plan on spending 15 minutes per topic)


(more study plans below)

Resident Study Plans
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Fellow Study Plans
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Surgeon & MOC Study Plans
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2016 EBOT Exam 133-Day Study Plan   2017 MOC General 89-Day Study Plan

  2016 MOC Recon 89-Day Study Plan

  2016 MOC Spine 89-Day Study Plan



Track your progress with our new self-mastery tracking system
Residents can rate content on 5 levels of self-mastery so they can track their progress and use their study time more effectively. In the top right-hand corner of each Topic page is an overall summative tracker. This percentage will increase you progress through self mastery of each individual step. You’ll see your progress reflected in the menu on the left. View your mastery by specialty for each individual procedure in the Topic menu dropdown. The green bar next to each topic will deepen with your level of mastery.





  • Payment is made via PayPal. 
  • Following payment, you must click the "Return to Merchant" button to complete your registration and return to the Study Plan.
  • To access the Virtual Curriculum in the future, go to "Groups" in the top menu bar on the home page, and click "Virtual Curriculum Group". 

Purchase Virtual Curriculum Alone

(you can always add study plans later)
12-Month Membership



  • Question: Are the the AAOS SAE Questions the same questions published by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons?
  • Question: If I want a study plan with my Virtual Curriculum, where do I sign up?
    • Answer: To purchase Virtual Curriculum with a study plan, choose your study plan and purchase from the study plan page.  Purchasing any study plan will automatically give you 12-month access to all premium content in the Virtual Curriculum.  But if you purchase the Virtual Curriculum as a stand-alone product first, you can join any study plan by emailing us at (response time is 1 business day, Monday-Friday).  We will be adding automation for study plan sign-ups in the coming weeks. 
  • Question: What if I am a member of the group but am still not receiving daily emails in my inbox?
    • Answer: Check your spam folder and promotions folder on Gmail. 
      • Because Orthobullets sends high volumes of email, our email is sometimes filtered into spam folders or promotions folders. Be sure to look there for our emails. If you find an Orthobullets email in your spam folder, mark us as "not spam" and add to your contact list to avoid this in the future. If you are still not receiving emails, send us a message at and we will help you resolve the issue.
  • Question: What if I forget to click the grey "Return to Merchant" button on PayPal after I paid?
    • Answer: Send us an email at and we will add you to the Study Plan.
  • Question: How do I get to the Study Plan private group?
    • Answer: Click groups in the top menu, then click on the logo for the group.
  • Question: What if my name on PayPal does not match my Orthobullets account?
    • Answer: As long as you remember to click the grey "Return to Merchant" button, it does not matter if your PayPal account and Orthobullets account are different. When you login at, use your email and password that you always use on Orthobullets.
  • Question: If I bought another Study Plan in the last 12 months, can I get access to a Virtual Curriculum subscription?
    • Answer: Yes. Our Study Plans are a subset of the Virtual Curriculum subscription.  If you have already signed up for one Study Plan - or the Virtual Curriculum Subscription - you will continue to enjoy access to all of our Study Plans during the remaining part of your 12-month Study Plan/Virtual Curriculum subscription.
    • If you have purchased another Study Plan in the past 12 months, and you would like to be added to a different Study Plan, please send us a message at and we will add you within one business day (M-F).  We will be adding automation for this sign-up process in the coming weeks.
    • IMPORTANT - If you only have 4 months remaining on your 12-month subscription, you will only be able to obtain the first 4 months of the new study plan. 



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