Updated: 3/12/2017

Virtual Curriculum Question Bank

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What's Included

The Virtual Curriculum is a 12-month premium plan. By purchasing the Virtual Curriculum you will have access to the following features:

  • Monthly Milestone Exams with 25 Never-Been-Seen questions
  • 500+ premium questions not available in the free QBank
  • Access to any of the study plans in our Virtual Curriculum (not including CME versions)
  • Premium videos and exam review webinars
Virtual Curriculum Questions


500+ questions not available in the free Qbank:
Our best questions are reserved for members of the Virtual Curriculum.

Track your progress with Testmaster:
See your question scores broken down by specialty and predict your score on the OITE

New questions updated monthly:
All questions pass through a multi-level review by our top rated authors


Monthly Diagnostic Milestone Mock Exams

By purchasing the Virtual Curriculum you have 12-month access to all Milestone Mock Exams

  • Every  month a new Milestone Mock Exam will be released with 25 Never-Been-Seen Questions
  • An exam curve will be provided so you can compare yourself to your peers
  • Two versions of each exam will be released
    • Self-Study Version
      • Your test results will always remain confidential at all times
    • PASS Version 
      • Your test results can be viewed by your training program if you are a member of your institution's PASS group
      • This allows your program director to track your progress and facilitate ACGME Milestone reporting
      • Click here to learn more about PASS 

(contain questions that can only be seen when taking exam)
Question Count: 150 QUESTIONS

Annual Spring OBTE
  • Every June Orthobullets releases a 100 question exam which acts as an end/beginning year mini OITE





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