Updated: 10/19/2016

Long Thoracic Nerve

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Anatomy of Long Thoracic Nerve
  • Innervation
    • serratus anterior 
  • Origin
    • long thoracic nerve is derived from ventral rami of C5, C6, C7  roots of brachial plexus 
      • C8 contribution in 8% of patients
  • Course
    • runs downward & pases anterior to scalenus posterior muscle 
    • courses distal and laterally deep to clavicle and superficial to first and second rib
    • runs inferior on chest wall along mid axillary line on the outer surface of the serratus anterior for a distance of 22 to 24 cm 
  • Terminal Branches
    • terminal branches are small branches of long thoracic nerve that penetrate into serratus anterior muscles 
Clinical Condition
  • Scapular Winging 
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