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Updated: Apr 2 2017

Anterior interosseous nerve lineage.jpg
  • Origins
    • arises from the median nerve at the radiohumeral joint line
    • C5-T1 roots
      • medial and lateral cord of brachial plexus
        • median nerve
          • AIN
            • branch to FDP 
            • branch to FPL
            • branch to pronator quadratus
  • Course  
    • arises 5-8 cm distal to lateral epicondyle
    • passes between two heads of pronator teres
    • runs along the volar surface of the FDP 
    • courses distally along the interosseous membrane
    • terminates in PQ near wrist joint
Motor Innervation
  • Motor
    • deep forearm muscles
      •  flexor digitorum profundus  - radial half
      •  flexor pollicis longus 
      •  pronator quadratus 
Sensory Innervation
  • Sensory
    • sensory fibers to volar wrist joint capsule
    • no cutaneous innervation
Clinical Conditions
  • AIN compressive neuropathy 
  • Pediatric supracondylar fractures 
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