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General Questions


  • Question: How is the new Site Navigation different from the previous design?
  • Question: Where can I find high-yield topics?
    • Answer:To access high-yield topics by sub-specialty, click on the three line drop-down and hover over Topics>Trauma.You will notice an icon in the upper right that will take you to high-yield topics for that sub-specialty. You can also find high-yield topics by clicking here.

Account Management
  • Question: Why is my position listed as an Allied Provider?
    • Answer: You can change your position by clicking on your name in the upper-right and going to "update profile". If the problem persists, your account may be listed as a "guest" on the site. If this is the case, please email customer support to have your account updated.
  • Question: My country does not accept PayPal, is there an alternative form of payment?
    • Answer: We can happily accomodate payment with a single credit card authorization through PayPal's Virtual Terminal, it's fast and easy just request your study plan at info@orthobullets.com.

Virtual Curriculum & Study Plans

Study Plans 

  • Question: How do I access my study plan?
    • Answer: After you purchase a study plan, you must click the button labeled "Click here to complete your order" so that you can join your study plan group. Access your study plan content immediately by visiting the study plan's group page, under the home page "Groups" tab and clicking on "Joined Groups". Within 24 hours you will receive your first email, sent at 5:00AM ET daily. If you have any issues with these steps please reach out to us at info@orthobullets.com. 

  • Question: When will I receive my first email for the study plan?
    • Answer: After joining a study plan group, you will receive your first email within 24 hours (usually the next day). Study plan emails are sent at 5:00 AM ET daily.   

  • Question: Why am I not receiving emails?
    • Answer: Please check your spam folder and add info@orthobullets.com to your contact list. If you are still unable to find the email, let us know at info@orthobullets.com.

  • Question: Which study plan should I choose?
  • Question: Are study plans included in the Virtual Curriculum?
    • Answer: Yes, a Virtual Curriculum Membership includes unlimited study plan access for 12 months.

  • Question: How can I add a study plan to my membership?
    • Answer: You can add a study plan by going to the Virtual Curriculum membership page. When you are ready to begin a study plan, click "begin study plan" to start receiving emails. Please DO NOT subscribe to multiple study plans unless you are ready to start (and utilize) all of them at once. You will receive on-going emails for each study plan that you select. Please decide if you're ready to fill up your inbox with multiple study plan emails before you start joining multiple study plans! To remove a study plan, please email us at info@orthobullets.com.

Core Curriculum

  • Question: Can I join the Core Curriculum now? Is it too late?
    • Answer: The Core Curriculum 365-Day Study Plan is a 12-month rolling curriculum. Members have 12-month access from the day they join. Therefore, regardless of the date you join, you will cover 520 topics across all subspecialties over 12 months. This means if you purchased the curriculum on Jan 31, 2018 your first day will be Day #222-365, and your last day will be Day #221.
  • Question: If I am a program director, is there a discount for group pricing?
    • Answer: Yes, we offer discounts for group pricing, email us at info@orthobullets.com for more information.


  • Question: What are MOC SAE exams?
    • Answer: Orthobullets currently offers 24 different orthopaedic SAE exams that count toward ABOS maintenance of certification CME and/or SAE credit. MOC is maintenance of certification, and is the program U.S. surgeons need for continuing board certification.
  • Question: How do I get my CME credits?
    • Answer: You must do four things. First, you must answer all questions on the exam. Second, you must score 20% or more on the exam questions. Three, you must complete the survey at the end and Finally, go to CME Dashboard and click on Download to obtain your certificate.  
  • Question: Can I pause the exam?
    • Answer: The exam is scored and recorded, but not timed. Therefore, you have as much time as you would like to complete the exam.
  • Question: Are these questions the same as the questions in the Orthobullets study plan?
    • Answer: Study plans done for CME & SAE contain SAE exams that may be the same as the questions as on these exams. Simply look at the title. For instance, if you take the MOC Spine 89 Day Study Plan you will see it includes Spine A and Spine B Self-Assessment Exams. These are the same Spine A and Spine B Self-Assessment Exams listed above.

Point of Care Learning CME
  •  Question: How do I use the new Point of Care Learning platform to obtain CME? 
    • Answer: At no cost, you can earn 20 AMA PRA Category 1 CME credits simply by contributing to our community and voting on various cases. See our user guide and video.


  •  Question: Can I reset my QBank?
    • Answer: To reset your QBank, go to Testmaster and click "Delete all personal tests".  We cannot reset a group test unless it is submitted in error.  If this should happen, please email info@orthobullets.com.


Getting Started
  • Question: How do I find my PASS group?
    • Answer: Go the "PASS" tab on the menu bar. Navigate to the page PASS group page you are interested in viewing (e.g. "To Do List"). Open up the three bar drop-down on the main menu. Click on "PASS". This will take you to the main home page of your PASS group. Hover over "Groups" on the main menu. Click "Joined Groups" from the drop-down. All the groups of which you are a member of will appear in that list. Search for the group you are interested in viewing.  If you are unable to find the group, let us know at pass@orthobullets.com.

  • Question: Where can I identify which residents have taken the most recent Milestone Exam?
    • Answer: Expand the side panel menu > Click on Track Performance > Click on Exam Dashboard. The most recent Milestone Exam results will be at the top of the list. 

  • Question: How do I remind residents to take a quiz or an exam?
    • Answer: Go to Exam Dashboard > Find specific exam from list > Click Results > Click on the green arrow to send a message to the residents who have yet to take the exam. 

  • Question: How can I see my residents' exam scores?
    • Answer: Go to the Members tab > Click on a resident's medical knowledge score > You will then be taken to a resident's Testmaster page. The Testmaster dashboard gives a breakdown of resident's Medical Knowledge by specialty, as well as list of exams taken and corresponding results. 

  • Question: Can I reset my exam?
    • Answer: Yes. Please send the code for the exam you are interested in resetting to info@orthobullets.com. Please note, we are unable to reset "program exams" (custom exams that a colleague in your program created).

  • Question: How do I see my pending evaluations?
    • Answer: Hover over PASS on horizontal menu bar > Click on "To Do List". All pending evaluations (and most recently graded evaluations) will appear on your "To Do List" dashboard.

  • Question: How do I grade Patient Care Evaluations?
    • Answer: Go to To Do List Dashboard > Grade pending evaluations by selecting "Good," Excellent" or "Try Again". Please note: "Try Again" grades are overridden when a resident submits skills again and demonstrates competency.

  • Question: How do I grade Professionalism/Summative Evaluations?
    • Answer: You can provide comments on residents' areas of strength/areas for improvement for Medical Knowledge, Patient Care and Professionalism. You can also adjust the level up and down if the resident is demonstrating a professionalism level above or below the program's expectations. If resident is tracking appropriately, click submit.

  • Question: How do I submit a Patient Care evaluation to faculty?
    • Answer: Click on Skillmaster tab > Click on the skill > Read the Technique Guide steps > Click Send Evaluation Button > Select faculty member drop-down bar > Click Submit. An email notification will be sent to a faculty member notifying them of a pending evaluation.

  • Question: How can I view all procedures?
    • Answer: Go to Skillmaster tab > On the top left-hand, underneath your picture, there is an "S" and "M" box > Click on the "S" box to see the full procedure list separated by subspecialty. 

Reporting & Tracking
  • Question: How can I see a resident's milestone levels?
    • Answer: Go to Progress tab > Click arrow in top right-hand corner > Toggle through the residents list to find the particular resident > then scroll down to view their milestone levels for Medical Knowledge, Patient Care and Professionalism. 

  • Question: How do I create an ACGME report?
    • Answer: Go to Report tab > Click Summary button > Click Accept All > Override Milestone levels as necessary > Click on PDF icon in top left-hand corner to email/share with CCC.

Feel free to contact us at: info@orthobullets.com 
PASS Customers can also contact their account manager by calling 650.646.1864 during business hours (9AM-5PM Pacific Time, Monday-Friday).  We are usually able to respond that same day (Monday-Friday).  But if not, we will definitely return all calls the following business day.


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