May 10 - May 13, 2023

2023 Castellvi Spine Symposium

Duck Key, FL


61 Hawks Cay Boulevard Duck Key, Florida 33050

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The Castellvi Spine Symposium is designed to assist attendees in expanding their knowledge of the latest advances in the field of spine surgery. Through didactic lectures, interactive panel discussions, case-based presentations, and debates, the faculty will share their insights on such issues as:

• Complex reconstructions
• Artificial disc replacement
• Use of stem cells and biologics
• Spine biomechanics
• Management of complications
• New treatment modalities
• Emerging technologies

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61 Hawks Cay Boulevard Duck Key, Florida 33050

07.00PM - 09.00PM
Welcome Reception
06.30AM - 08.00AM
Registration & Breakfast
07.05AM - 08.15AM
Session I: Basic Science
08.15AM - 09.35AM
Session II: Motion Preservation
09.35AM - 10.05AM
Coffee Break with Exhibitors
10.05AM - 11.45AM
Session III: Keynote Speaker
10.15AM - 10.25AM
The power of Large Data: How AI will revolutionize informed choice in spine surgery
10.25AM - 10.35AM
Predictive Models and AI applications in Spine surgery
10.35AM - 10.45AM
10.45AM - 10.55AM
Regenerative Medicine and Neural injury
10.55AM - 11.05AM
Appropriate Spine Care: The Barrier of Preauthorization
11.05AM - 11.15AM
Appropriate Spine Care: The Payers Perspective
11.15AM - 11.25AM
Physician burnout: What is it and How to Combat?
11.25AM - 11.35AM
Interventional Spine- What procedures are appropriate? Boundary of Spine Surgeon and Interventional Physician
11.35AM - 11.45AM
Innovative Technologies- What has really made a positive difference?
11.45AM - 12.45PM
Non-CME Lunch Symposium
01.35PM - 03.25PM
Resident/Fellow Session
06.30AM - 07.30AM
07.00AM - 08.30AM
Session III: Battle Botz Wars II
07.00AM - 07.10AM
07.10AM - 07.20AM
Bot Alpha
07.20AM - 07.30AM
Bot Beta
07.30AM - 07.40AM
Bot Zeta
07.40AM - 07.50AM
Bot Pi
07.50AM - 08.00AM
Bot Sigma
08.00AM - 08.10AM
Bot Tau
08.10AM - 08.20AM
Bot Phi
08.20AM - 08.30AM
Bot Omega
08.30AM - 09.00AM
Coffee Break with Exhibitors
09.00AM - 10.24AM
Session IV: Regenerative Medicine
09.00AM - 09.12AM
Why surgeons need to understand orthobiologics
09.12AM - 09.24AM
PRP it contents and formulations
09.24AM - 09.36AM
orthobiologics in a clinical practice with a focus onon PRP,BMAC
09.36AM - 09.48AM
outpatient non-operative techniques
09.48AM - 10.00AM
bone marrow and fat as sources of orthobiologic material
10.00AM - 10.12AM
the treatment of degenerative disc disease with PRP
10.12AM - 10.24AM
legal and regulatory issues in the field of Orthobiologics
10.24AM - 11.24AM
Session III: Pro v Con
10.24AM - 10.34AM
Lumbar Fusion v Total Disc Replacement (Pro Fusion)
10.34AM - 10.44AM
Lumbar Fusion v Total Disc Replacement (Con Fusion)
10.44AM - 10.54AM
10.54AM - 11.04AM
11.04AM - 11.14AM
11.14AM - 11.24AM
06.30AM - 07.30AM
07.30AM - 08.40AM
Session V: Deformity, Trauma, and Tumor
08.40AM - 09.30AM
Coffee Break with Exhibitors
09.30AM - 11.30AM
Session VI: Risk Analysis
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