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Oct 14 - Oct 15, 2022

2022 Global Medial Pivot Symposium

Chicago, IL



Hyatt Regency Chicago 151 East Wacker Dr Chicago, IL. 60601



This two-day symposium will focus on the growing popularity of the medially stabilizing TKA designs, highlighting their unique advantages, their effect on the patient experience, including accelerated recovery, return to functional activities, improved patient satisfaction, and long-term survivorship and outcomes.

The scientific program will offer your Surgeons a chance to examine the current trends in total knee arthroplasty, the evolution of TKA implant designs into medially stabilized TKA designs and how this evolution affects knee joint kinematics, ligament balancing, post-operative treatment, and long-term outcomes, addressing the growing needs of a more active and more demanding patient population.

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Course chairs

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Adult Reconstruction Specialty

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Academic

UAMS Health


Hyatt Regency Chicago 151 East Wacker Dr Chicago, IL. 60601

08.00AM - 08.50AM
Session 1: Market Trends and Drivers
08.00AM - 08.10AM
Welcome and Meeting Goals
08.10AM - 08.20AM
My Odyssey Through the Evolution of TKA Design
08.20AM - 08.30AM
Current Market Trends and Drivers
08.30AM - 08.40AM
08.40AM - 08.50AM
Panel Discussion
08.50AM - 09.50AM
Session 2: Design Considerations and Alignment Principles
08.50AM - 09.00AM
Modern Understanding of Knee Function
09.00AM - 09.10AM
Modern Alignment Principles
09.10AM - 09.20AM
How TKA Mechanics Affect Weight Bearing Flexion?
09.20AM - 09.30AM
09.30AM - 09.40AM
Medial-Pivot TKA with Kinematic Alignment
09.40AM - 09.50AM
Panel Discussion
09.50AM - 10.20AM
Coffee Break
10.20AM - 11.40AM
Session 3: Medial-Pivot: Why and How?
10.20AM - 10.30AM
Implant Design in Functional Recovery
10.30AM - 10.40AM
Rationale and Results for Pivoting Fixed-Bearing TKA
10.40AM - 10.50AM
My Personal Journey Towards Medially Stabilized Knees
10.50AM - 11.00AM
3 Degree Distal Femoral Cut With Medial-Pivot Knees
11.00AM - 11.10AM
Relationship Between Joint Laxity and Clinical Outcomes
11.10AM - 11.20AM
Medial-Pivot in Complex Primary Cases
11.20AM - 11.30AM
Intra-Operative Decision-Making During Joint Balancing
11.40AM - 12.40PM
12.40PM - 02.00PM
Session 4: Medial-Pivot: Faster Recovery, Happy Patient
12.40PM - 12.50PM
Patients Prefer Medial-Pivoting or Bicruciate Retaining TKA
12.50PM - 01.00PM
Superior Forgotten Joint Score Outcomes with the Medial-Pivot TKA
01.00PM - 01.10PM
Return to Activities of Daily Living
01.10PM - 01.20PM
What Causes Valgus Gap Pattern in TKA For Medial Knee Osteoarthritis?
01.20PM - 01.30PM
Posterior Stabilized Versus Medial-Pivot – 2 Year Outcomes
01.30PM - 01.40PM
Sagittal Stability in TKA
01.40PM - 01.50PM
Kinematics or Stability?
01.50PM - 02.00PM
Panel Discussion
02.00PM - 02.30PM
Coffee Break
02.00PM - 04.00PM
Session 5: Medial-Pivot: Long Term Evidence
02.30PM - 02.40PM
Restoration of Extensor Mechanism Function
02.40PM - 02.50PM
Muscle Activation and Biomechanics
02.50PM - 03.00PM
Long-Term Survivorship and Satisfaction
03.00PM - 03.10PM
Analysis of Registry Data
03.10PM - 03.20PM
Trochlear Groove Designs and Their Outcomes
03.20PM - 03.30PM
First Versus Second Generation Medial-Pivot Designs
03.30PM - 03.40PM
Panel Discussion
03.40PM - 04.00PM
Day 1 Conclusion
08.00AM - 09.10AM
Session 6: TKA in Outpatient Surgeries
08.00AM - 08.20AM
Recap of Key Topics from Day 1
08.20AM - 08.30AM
From Unicondular to Revision
08.30AM - 08.40AM
Patient is the Manager of the Recovery Pathway
08.40AM - 08.50AM
Clinical Results with Medial-Pivot TKAs
08.50AM - 09.00AM
Knee Kinematics and Rapid Recovery Process
09.00AM - 09.10AM
Panel Discussion
09.10AM - 09.30AM
Coffee Break
09.30AM - 10.30AM
Session 7: Post-Operative Management
09.30AM - 09.40AM
Pain Management Before, During and After TKA
09.40AM - 09.50AM
09.50AM - 10.00AM
Effectiveness of Physical Therapy After TKA
10.00AM - 10.10AM
Patella Tracking in Function and Outcome of TKA
10.10AM - 10.20AM
Patient Engagement Tools
10.20AM - 10.30AM
Panel Discussion
10.30AM - 01.00PM
Session 8: The Future is Now/Here
11.30AM - 11.40AM
Augmented Reality in TKA Surgery
11.40AM - 11.50AM
A-P Stability Evaluation Technique Using Radiographs
11.50AM - 12.00PM
Versatility of Medial-Pivot Knee in the quest for Joint Stability
12.00PM - 12.30PM
Ten Tips and Tricks from the Experts
12.30PM - 12.50PM
Panel Discussion
12.50PM - 01.00PM
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