Jun 10 - Jun 12, 2021

Mayo Clinic "Teach the Teachers" Elbow Course - 2021 Milestone Edition



201 W. Center St. Rochester, MN 55902


The Mayo Clinic "Teach the Teachers" Elbow Course is an advanced level online-only course designed for orthopedic surgeons with a special interest in elbow surgery. Various elbow conditions will be discussed, including:
- trauma and the sequelae of trauma such as stiffness
- instability
- non-unions and malunions
- arthritic conditions
- sport-specific pathologies including tendon and ligamentous disorders.

Highlights of this three-day livestream event include:
- live surgery and discussion from the OR hallways
- case-based discussion
- interactive cadaveric dissection
- interactive surgical videos illustrating the principles and techniques for effective treatment strategies

Bonus Q&A session on June 16 will be offered at three different times so attendees can participate when it works in their day.

Sessions will be moderated by an expert panel of Mayo Clinic faculty and special guests with live question and answer sessions.

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Course chairs

Rochester, MN


201 W. Center St. Rochester, MN 55902

03.00PM - 05.00PM
Preop Case Discussion
MOD: ,
03.00PM - 03.24PM
Case 1 Preop Discussion
03.24PM - 03.48PM
Case 2 Preop Discussion
03.48PM - 04.12PM
Case 3 Preop Discussion
04.12PM - 04.36PM
Case 4 Preop Discussion
04.36PM - 05.00PM
Case 5 Preop Discussion
08.00AM - 08.15AM
Welcome & Introduction
08.15AM - 09.30AM
Case 1
08.15AM - 09.15AM
Elbow Live Surgery 1
09.15AM - 09.30AM
Wrap Up Case 1
09.30AM - 09.45AM
09.45AM - 11.00AM
Case 2
09.45AM - 10.45AM
Elbow Live Surgery 2
10.45AM - 11.00AM
Wrap Up Case 2
11.00AM - 12.15PM
Case 3
11.00AM - 12.00PM
Elbow Live Surgery 3
12.00PM - 12.15PM
Wrap Up Case 3
12.15PM - 12.45PM
Lunch Break
12.45PM - 02.00PM
Case 4
12.45PM - 01.45PM
Elbow Live Surgery 4
01.45PM - 02.00PM
Wrap Up Case 4
02.00PM - 02.15PM
02.15PM - 03.30PM
Case 5
02.15PM - 03.15PM
Elbow Live Surgery 5
03.15PM - 03.30PM
Wrap Up Case 5
03.30PM - 05.00PM
Live Surgery Discussion
08.00AM - 08.15AM
Introduction to Experts/Special Guests
MOD: ,
08.15AM - 09.45AM
Elbow Instability
08.15AM - 09.45AM
Panel: LCL recognition and tx, VPMRI recognition and tx, Complex elbow instability, Box Loop LCL/MCL Reconstruction, IO membrane reconstruction, Arthroscopic coronoid fixation
09.45AM - 10.00AM
10.00AM - 11.30AM
Traumatic Elbow Injuries
10.00AM - 11.30AM
Panel: Principles of parallel plating for distal humerus fractures, SOS procedure, RH replacement when and how, corrective osteotomies
11.30AM - 12.00PM
12.00PM - 01.15PM
Elbow Stiffness
12.00PM - 01.15PM
Panel: Interposition and distraction, HO removal – arthroscopic, Neurogenic contracture
01.15PM - 01.30PM
01.30PM - 02.45PM
Elbow Sports
01.30PM - 02.45PM
Panel: open to scope for tendon disorders (LET and biceps); OCD treatment from debridement to OATS, MCL technique evolution, biceps and triceps treatment, Use of US for dx and treatment
02.45PM - 03.00PM
03.00PM - 04.15PM
Elbow Arthroplasty
03.00PM - 04.15PM
Panel: : Approach and technique advancement (triceps, skin flaps, avoiding impingement), implant changes, revision solutions (removal and APCs), Infection treatment (staging and internal ex-fix)
04.15PM - 04.30PM
04.30PM - 05.00PM
Expert Guests Q&A
04.30PM - 05.00PM