Updated: 10/6/2016

Semimembranosus Tendinitis

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  • Epidemiology
    • demographics
      • most common in male athletes
      • often occurs in patients in their early thirties
  • History
    • of report recent increase in endurance activities (running or cycling)
  • Symptoms
    • pain in the posteromedial knee
      • may radiate into the posterior thigh or into the distal-medial calf
      • may be exacerbated with traversing down stairs or in deep knee flexion
  • Physical exam
    • tenderness to palpation at the tibial insertion of the semimembranosus
      • the tendon may be more prominent with resisted knee flexion at 90 degrees
    • provocative tests
      • passive deep flexion of the knee or internal rotation of the tibia at 90 degrees of knee flexion may increase pain
  • MRI
    • may be helpful in making the diagnosis  
  • Nuclear imaging
    • may be helpful in making the diagnosis
  • Nonoperative
    • physical therapy
      • indications
        • mainstay of treatment
      • modalities
        • usually responds to stretching & strengthening of the hamstrings
    • steroid injection
      • indications
        • used as an adjunctive measure
        • it may be utilized if there is limited improvement with physical therapy


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