Over a nine-year period, 20 feet with persistently symptomatic talocalcaneal coalition were treated by resection of the bar. The 17 patients were all under 16 years of age. Excellent or good long-term results were achieved in the ten feet in which preoperative coronal CT had shown that the area of coalition measured 50% or less of the area of the posterior facet of the calcaneum. In these feet heel valgus was less than 16 degrees and there were no radiographic signs of arthritis of the posterior talocalcaneal joint. Talar beaking was present in 70% of these feet but it did not impair the clinical result. Fair or poor results were observed in the ten feet in which preoperative CT had shown the area of relative coalition to be greater than 50%. In these feet, heel valgus was greater than 16 degrees and most had narrowing of the posterior talocalcaneal joint and impingement of the lateral process of the talus on the calcaneum.