Excellent results can be achieved by plating fractures of the shaft of the humerus in patients with multiple injuries. This helps in nursing care and in the management of other injuries. In 38 patients admitted to a regional trauma centre, 39 humeral shaft fractures were plated. There were 27 men and 11 women, with an average age of 31.5 years. Fourteen of the humeral fractures were compound and 20 had significant comminution; 23 were fixed by a plate on the day of admission and all 39 by the twentieth day. Follow-up of 34 fractures showed that all had united, 33 primarily. All patients but one had a fully functional shoulder and no patient with a fractured humerus alone had lost any elbow movement. Complications were rare--one case each of non-union, fixation failure and infection. No permanent nerve injuries were produced at operation. The plating of fractures of the humerus in these circumstances has been shown to produce excellent results and has a place in the management of the patient with multiple injuries.