Updated: 10/6/2016

Thigh Nerve Entrapment Syndromes

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Ilioinguinal Nerve Entrapment
  • Compressive neuropathy caused by hypertrophied abdominal muscle
    • results from intensive training
  • Physical exam
    • pain exacerbated by hyperextension of hip
    • possible hyperesthesia
  • Treatment
    • nonoperative
      • nonoperative treatment indicated in most cases
    • operative
      • operative release occasionally needed in refractory cases
Obturator nerve entrapment
  • Compressive neuropathy of obturator nerve in patients with a well developed hip adductor muscles
    • common in athletes, especially skaters
  • Symptoms
    • chronic medial thigh pain
  • Evaluation
    • nerve conduction studies can help establish diagnosis
  • Treatment
    • nonoperative
      • nonoperative treatment indicated in most cases
Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve entrapment (meralgia paresthetica)
  • Compressive neuropathy of lateral femoral cutaneous nerve
    • exacerbated by
      • tights belts
      • prolonged hip flexion
  • Treatment
    • nonoperative
      • release of compressive objects, therapy, and NSAIDS are usually curative
Sciatic Nerve Entrapment
  • May occur throughout the length of the nerve
    • most common locations
      • ischial tuberosity
      • piriformis muscle belly
        • see piriformis syndrome 

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