Matrix metalloproteinase 9 (MMP-9) is significant in the progression of osteosarcoma (OS) via increasing tumor growth, invasion and metastasis. Although previous reports indicate the prognostic value of MMP-9 in OS, there is still a great degree on inconsistency between studies. Here we report a comprehensive evaluation of the value of MMP-9 in metastasis of OS by conducting a meta-analysis of published studies.

The quantity of the studies was evaluated using the Newcastle-Ottawa quality assessment scale (NOS). Sixteen studies with a total of 816 patients with OS were examined and we calculated the pooled odds ratio (OR) with corresponding 95% confidence interval (CI) (95% CI) to evaluate that the positive expression of MMP-9 predicts neoplasm metastasis and poor survival in OS.

The results of Meta-analysis indicated that patients with positive expression of MMP-9 were significantly associated with neoplasm metastasis (OR = 4.69, 95% CI: 3.05-7.21, P < .001) and poor survival in OS with the pooled OR of 7.19 (95% CI 4.32-11.98, P < .001) when compared to their counterparts with a negative expression of MMP-9. The results of sensitivity analysis showed that the pooled OR was stable. It doesn't significantly change when a single study was removed.

The results of meta-analysis indicated that MMP-9 may be a prognostic biomarker guiding the clinical therapy for OS.