This study was conducted to investigate the outcomes of bearing exchange for the treatment of mobile bearing dislocation in medial unicompartmental knee arthroplasty (UKA).

Materials and Methods:
We retrospectively reviewed 18 patients (15 females and 3 males, mean age of 65 years) treated with bearing exchange following mobile bearing dislocation in medial UKA. The occurrence of bearing redislocation, the Oxford Knee Score, and radiographic changes at the last follow-up were investigated.

Bearing redislocation after bearing exchange occurred in 9 of 18 patients (50%). Of these 9 patients, 7 underwent conversion to total knee arthroplasty after bearing redislocation. The 9 patients without bearing redislocation showed good to excellent clinical outcomes at a mean follow-up of 55 months after bearing exchange. The non-redislocation group had a higher percentage of posterior dislocation of the bearing than the redislocation group (55.5% vs. 22.2%, p=0.040). Univariate logistic regression analysis showed no significant risk factors for bearing redislocation.

This study showed a high rate of bearing redislocation after isolated, mobile bearing exchange for bearing dislocation following medial UKA. Therefore, bearing exchange as a sole treatment should be carefully considered in selected patients with correctable causes of bearing dislocation.