The goal of the present study was to perform a systematic review of the published data on talar neck fractures for a better understanding of the postoperative clinical outcomes using open reduction and internal fixation stratified by Hawkins type. A PubMed search was performed using the keywords "talar," "neck," and "fracture." This search identified 209 potential studies, which were reviewed to yield 16 studies that met the criteria. The surgical outcomes of talar neck fractures stratified by the Hawkins classification analyzed in the present study were as follows: American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society scale score was 77.00 for type I, 86.10 for type II, 68.30 for type III, 68.30 for type IV, and 76.50 for all talar neck fractures. Avascular necrosis presented in 0.00% of type I fractures, 15.91% of type II fractures, 38.89% of type III fractures, 55.00% of type IV fractures, and 26.47% of all fractures. Osteoarthritis presented in 25.00% of type I fractures, 41.33% of type II fractures, 54.23% of type III fractures, 72.73% of type IV fractures, and 51.69% of all fractures. Subtalar arthritis presented in 0.00% of type I fractures, 54.29% of type II fractures, 46.43% of type III fractures, 45.45% of type IV fractures, and 44.97% of all fractures. The malunion prevalence was 13.29% and the nonunion prevalence was 3.97% for all fractures. Type II fractures were the most common (50.88%) fracture type reported in the reports reviewed in the present study.