Most children with flatfeet are asymptomatic and will never require treatment. In general, flatfoot deformity is flexible and will not cause pain or disability; it is a normal variant of foot shape. Thus, it is essential to reassure and educate patients and parents. A flatfoot with a contracture of the Achilles tendon may be painful. In these cases, a stretching program may help relieve pain. Scant convincing evidence exists to support the use of inserts or shoe modifications for effective relief of symptoms, and there is no evidence that those devices change the shape of the foot. The surgeon must be vigilant to identify the rare rigid flatfoot. Indications for flatfoot surgery are strict: failure of prolonged nonsurgical attempts to relieve pain that interferes with normal activities and occurs under the medial midfoot and/or in the sinus tarsi. In nearly all cases, an associated contracture of the heel cord is present. Osteotomies with supplemental soft-tissue procedures are the best proven approach for management of rigid flatfoot.