The focus of this CPG is the perioperative cardiovascular evaluation and management of the adult patient under-going noncardiac surgery. This includes preoperative risk assessment and cardiovascular testing, as well as(when indicated) perioperative pharmacological(including anesthetic) management and perioperative monitoring that includes devices and biochemical markers. This CPG is intended to inform all the medical professionals involved in the care of these patients. The preoperative evaluation of the patient undergoing noncardiac surgery can be performed for multiple purposes, including1) assessment of perioperative risk (which can be used to inform the decision to proceed or the choice of surgery and which includes the patient’s perspective), 2) determination of the need for changes in management, and 3) identification of cardiovascular conditions or risk factors requiring longer-term management. Changes in management can include the decision to change medical therapies, the decision to perform further cardiovascular interventions, or recommendations about postoperative monitoring. This may lead to recommendations and discussions with the perioperative team about the optimal location and timing of surgery (e.g., ambulatory surgery center versus outpatient hospital, or inpatient admission)or alternative strategies.