Nasal injuries are among the most common sports injuries. We conducted a prospective, observational study of 91 patients, aged 7 to 60 years (mean: 18.3), who had sustained a nasal injury while engaging in a sport, exercise, or other recreational physical activity. We found that a substantial proportion of these injuries occurred in females (29.7% of cases). A high percentage of injuries (86.8%) occurred in those who had been participating in a noncontact sport; the sport most often implicated was basketball (26.4%). Also, injuries were more common during organized competition as opposed to recreational play (59.3 vs. 40.7%). Of the 91 nasal injuries, 59 (64.8%) were fractures, most of which were treated with a closed reduction. Almost all of the patients in this study (92.3%) were able to return to their sport. We conclude that most sports-related nasal fractures are not preventable.