The purpose of the present study was to evaluate and compare the long-term results of operative treatment of a multifragment fracture of the inferior patellar pole by basket plate osteosynthesis and partial patellectomy.

We retrospectively studied two groups of patients who had operative treatment of a multifragment fracture of the inferior patellar pole between 1988 and 2004. Seventy-one patients who had osteosynthesis by basket plate (Group 1) and 49 patients who had partial patellectomy (Group 2) were followed for an average of 5.3 years. The final evaluation was based on the modified Cincinnati Knee rating system test.

The results were excellent or good in 90.1% patients of Group 1, and 73.5% patients of Group 2. Significant differences between the groups were noted with regard to knee pain, swallowing, level activity, compression pain, range of motion, muscular atrophy, muscular strength, and final patellofemoral score which confirms statistical analysis.

The stability of the osteosynthesis by basket plate allows osseous consolidation of the fracture and permits immediate mobilization and early weight bearing. Osteosynthesis by basket plate can provide better clinical results.

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