Luxatio erecta is a highly uncommon type of shoulder dislocation, representing
approximately 0.5% of all shoulder dislocations fitting into this category. In
this paper, we present the case of a patient who presented post trauma with
bilateral inferior glenohumeral joint dislocations (also called Luxatio Erecta).
Considering that Luxatio Erecta only has a 0.5% chance of being present with
a unilateral dislocation, the probability of a patient presenting 2 of these dislocations at the same time is approximately 0.25% (0.5% × 0.5% = 0.25%). In
addition to this, Luxatio Erecta frequently presents with injuries to the
brachial plexus and/or a humeral fracture. Despite this, neither of our patient’s dislocations were associated with any fractures or neurovascular injury
and both were successfully reduced the Emergency Department. Both the patient’s presentation and outcome are quite uncommon, which makes this case
an invaluable opportunity to go over the unique characteristics to Luxatio
Luxatio Erecta, Closed Reduction