The results of arthroscopic treatment of chronic resistant calcific tendinitis of the shoulder in twenty-three patients were evaluated. Each patient had greater than 1 year of unsuccessful nonoperative management prior to arthroscopic surgery. The average age was 49 years (range 33-60) and average follow up was 26 months (range 12-47). Subacromial bursectomy was performed in all patients. Based on follow-up radiographs, thirteen patients had partial calcium removal while nine had complete removal of calcium. Results were graded as good in eleven patients (50%) with full motion and complete pain relief, satisfactory in nine (41%) patients with full motion and occasional episodes of pain, and unsatisfactory in two (9%) patients with persistent pain. Arthroscopic calcium removal and subacromial bursectomy are reasonable alternatives in the treatment of chronic calcific tendinitis resistant to conservative treatment.