A retrospective review of total hip arthroplasty (THA) dislocations was performed to determine the effectiveness of abduction bracing following closed reduction. Patients were grouped as a first-time dislocation (n = 91) or recurrent dislocation (n = 58) and whether or not they received an abduction brace; re-dislocation defined failure of treatment. The mean follow-up was 4.0 years in the first-time group and 3.7 years in the recurrent group. Among patients treated for first-time dislocations, 61% re-dislocated with a brace and 64% of nonbraced patients re-dislocated. In the recurrent group, 55% re-dislocated with a brace, whereas 56% re-dislocated without a brace. Chi-square analysis revealed that observed differences were not significant. There was no significant difference among groups with regards to age, sex, operative side, or significant surgical parameters. Abduction bracing following closed reduction of THA dislocation is ineffective in preventing re-dislocation.