The complications, management, and outcome of a consecutive series of 61 ilioischial reconstruction rings performed by 1 surgeon over a 15-year period are reported. Structural corticocancellous allografts were used in 48 cases. Twenty-seven cases had no complications, 9 had medical complications, and 5 had complications related to femoral revision. Other complications included 4 sciatic and 2 peroneal nerve palsies, 4 rings that lost fixation, 1 possibly loose ring, 3 fractured flanges, 3 loose cups, 7 dislocations, and 3 deep infections. Success, defined as a stable reconstruction with no further acetabular revision and bone graft incorporation, was 76%. We recommend a constrained acetabular liner to avoid dislocation in selected cases, slotting the ischial flange into bone for further ring stability and protection of the sciatic nerve.