The purpose of this study was to describe a novel technique for repair of partial distal biceps tendon ruptures through a single posterior incision. Eight patients with partial distal biceps tendon ruptures had the tear confirmed and repaired through a single posterior incision. All were men. The mean age was 50 years (range, 36-60 years). Postoperatively, immediate active and passive motion was instituted. Seven of eight patients returned to their previous professions. The mean postoperative American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons elbow score was 96 (range, 89-100). Six of the patients were completely satisfied, and all were much improved. There were no complications. Surgical confirmation and repair of symptomatic partial distal biceps tendon ruptures can be performed through a single posterior incision. The morbidity of the anterior exposure can be avoided and the tendon readily explored and reattached with excellent patient outcomes. The security of repairing the tendon directly into a trough in bone and suturing over cortical bone permits immediate rehabilitation without immobilization in a cast or splint.

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