Many surgical procedures are used for the correction of cubitus varus deformity in children. Even if the primary indication is cosmetic, but many poor results have been described. The technique of a supracondylar medial opening wedge osteotomy with external fixation is presented and preliminary results in four cases are reported.

An antero-medial approach is chosen with exposition and anterior transposition of the ulnar nerve. Under image intensifier control, insertion of four Schanz screws is performed from medial to lateral. In between, an incomplete medial osteotomy is performed obliquely (in the antero-posterior as well as in the medio-lateral plane), leaving a small part of the radial humeral cortex intact. The osteotomy is opened until varus and, if present, hyperextension deformation are corrected. Then, the fixator system is applied.

All osteotomies healed primarily. Mean valgus correction of 21.75 degrees was achieved; in only one patient additional flexion modification of 17 degrees was necessary. At a follow-up of at least 2 years clinically three out of four presented symmetric elbow position, one slight residual varus deformity was noted in spite of 20 degrees of valgization due to important valgus position of the contralateral side. No lateral bulging of the corrected elbow was observed.

The described technique is an alternative to other procedures, with special regard to the cosmetic outcome as well as to the control of correction for valgus and flexion.

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