Serial casting is successful in avoiding extensive posteromedial release (PMR) in only 11% to 58% of patients with idiopathic congenital clubfoot. Extensive open surgery is commonly associated with long-term stiffness and weakness. Ponseti claims to avoid PMR in 89% of cases by using his specific technique of manipulation, casting, and limited surgery. The authors report their first 27 patients undergoing the Ponseti technique (34 feet) with a group of 27 matched control patients (34 feet). All patients underwent serial casting, begun within the first 3 months of life. The parameter studied was the need to perform PMR within the first year of life. In the Ponseti group, only 1 (3%) of 34 feet required PMR. In 31 (91%) of 34 feet, percutaneous Achilles tenotomy was performed at age 2 to 3 months. The average duration of casting was 2 months. In the control group, 32 (94%) of 34 feet required PMR within the first year of life, despite a longer casting period. Based on the authors' initial success with the Ponseti method, they no longer believe that PMR is required for most cases of idiopathic clubfoot. Foot abduction splints are crucial to avoid recurrence. Longer follow-up will determine whether the authors can continue to match Ponseti's reported outcomes.