Metatarsalgia associated with metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint instability and/or plantar callosity formation is a difficult problem to treat. During a 15-month period, we performed 50 osteotomies of the metatarsal neck with rigid internal fixation in 47 feet of 42 patients. Three patients were excluded from the study, leaving 47 osteotomies in 44 feet of 39 patients for review. There were 6 men and 33 women, with a mean age of 57 years. In addition to lesser MTP joint pain with or without instability, the majority of patients had first ray pathologic condition, which was also addressed at the time of surgery. All but one of the osteotomies were united radiologically at 6 weeks. The mean shortening was 4.1 mm (range, 2-12 mm), and the mean follow-up was 9 months. There were no cases of malunion, nonunion, or avascular necrosis. At follow-up, 33 patients were asymptomatic. Eight patients (nine feet) had a degree of persisting pain at follow-up (seven mild and two moderate), but the source of this pain was only the metatarsal or MTP joint that was operated on in three cases. In this article, we describe the indications, the technique, and the results of the osteotomy.